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Visa to Israel for UK Citizens

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

Michael and Ariellah Waizman

For Advocate Joshua Pex.

We were in a devastating situation when my wife received an order from the immigration office to leave Israel within 30 days, without any explanation, after we have been married and in the process for six and a half years. We heard of Advocate Pex through a friend of a friend. We contacted Mr. Pex and he was ready to help us when he heard of our situation.

The service is amazing! Always ready to assist without regard to the time it takes. The advice Mr. Pex gave us was great, such as what to do, he gave useful links, and advice about which officials to contact. The price for the service was great!

The process until we received the extension for another year for my wife was not long (3 months). Things started moving once Mr. Pex came into the picture.

We highly recommend Advocate Joshua Pex! We achieved our goal and the fear of deportation has been lifted!

Israel Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

Like citizens of the USA and most other western countries, citizens of the United Kingdom do not have to apply for a visa in advance to visit Israel as tourists for a period of up to 90 days unless they have a problematic record in the past. Israel has signed visa exemption agreements with various countries, including the UK. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the right to make changes to the Israel visa requirements for UK citizens. It is important to note that the State of Israel granting a visa to a person with a foreign passport (official or national) does not necessarily imply recognition of the entity or authority that issued such a passport.

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Refusal of entrance to Israel at the border crossing

United Kingdom citizens don’t require a visa to enter Israel if they are visiting as a tourist. Upon entry, they are given permission to enter Israel for up to three months. Please note however, that the Israeli immigration officers at the border crossings always have the authority to refuse entry to Israeli if they suspect the entrant intends to use their visit as a tourist to start a process of illegal immigration, or may pose a threat of criminal activity security concerns. More info about denial of entry to Israel and possible appeals can be found in this article on our website.

Entry card for tourists visiting Israel

Visitors entering Israel through the Ben Gurion airport will get an entry card in place of an entry stamp on their passport. This practice is also seen at other ports of entry in Israel. However, there have been cases where visitors’ passports have been stamped when entering into the country.

Visitors have to keep their entry cards with their passport until they leave Israel. This proves as evidence of their legal entry into Israel; they may be required to show it at any border crossing points, such as into the Palestinian Territories.

Types of visa to Israel for UK citizens

There are, however, some instances where UK citizens have to apply for a visa to Israel in advance. They can enter the country if they hold any of the following visas:

Immigration visa or temporary resident visa (A/1 visa)

Immigration visa or temporary resident visa (A/1 visa) is a type of visa to Israel for UK citizens who are Jews, but don’t want to receive automatic Israeli citizenship. The temporary A-1 visa allows them to reside in Israel for a number of years to decide if they wish to permanently move there.

Aliyah to Israel

To immigrate to Israel, you have to be eligible for immigration under the Law of Return 1950 or the family reunification laws of Israel. The Law of Return expresses the connection of the Jewish people with the Holy Land. Jews making Aliyah to Israel are considered to be returning to their homeland.

According to the arrangement between the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency, the latter has the right to handle all matters related to immigration or Aliya to Israel. The agency is responsible for checking applicants, providing necessary guidance and advice, looking into immigrant absorption arrangements, referring to immigrant centers, employment centers, and places of study, etc. There’s an Aliyah ambassador of the agency who accepts transfers the application, along with a written recommendation, to an official of the State of Israel.

The Law of Return 1950 grants only the diplomatic or consular representative the authority to issue an A/1 visa. To start the immigration process and get this visa to Israel for UK citizens, you should contact the Jewish Agency. You will be connected with Aliyah representative for the jurisdiction in which you reside.

You can read more about the A-1 visa which allows those who are eligible for Aliyah according to the law of return to live, work and study in Israel for several years, before deciding if they want to become Israeli citizens, in this article on our website.

Student visa (A/2 visa)

This Israel visa for UK citizens is given to those people who wish to study in Israel as foreign students. Foreign students may apply to Israeli Universities, youth institutions under the Jewish Agency, and other academic institutions. This visa to Israel for UK citizens is valid for up to a year, and allows multiple entries and exits from the country.

The visa can be renewed for up to five years and extended depending on the academic degree being pursued in Israel. It is important to note that UK citizens holding this visa are not allowed to work in Israel. A minor will not be granted a student visa to Israel without the written consent of their parents and legal guardians. Applicants have to complete and sign an application form, submit financial documents and a certificate of acceptance from the educational institution, and pay a fee to receive this Israel visa for UK citizens.

You can read more about the A-2 student visa in this article on our website.

Work visa (B/1)

This work visa to Israel for UK citizens is given to those who have the approval of the Ministry of Interior to stay in Israel for the purpose of work. Applicants have to pay a fee while submitting the application, after which the ministry will conduct a review of the application and obtain the necessary documents.

These documents include a certificate of good conduct, a medical certificate, along with a fingerprint identification. The validity of this visa to Israel for UK citizens relies on the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Interior. The employed person must reside in Israel for the time specified on the visa and may extend the period after filing an application with the population administration office.

You can read more information on the Israeli work visa in this article on our website.

Clergy visa (A/3 visa)

This visa for Israel for UK citizens is given to clergymen who are required to fulfill their clerical responsibilities and duties for their religious communities in the State of Israel after being invited by a religious institution there. Only the Ministry of Interior has the right to issue an A/3 visa.

The applicant must file their application, along with the invitation from the religious institution. The Israeli consulate or local immigration office in Israel can issue this visa to Israel for UK citizens only after getting prior written approval of the Ministry of Interior. The validity of the visa will be determined as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Interior.

The visa can, however, renew or extend the visa when they are in Israel. Find more information about the clergy visa to Israel in this article on our website.

Denial of entry into Israel

Sometimes people from foreign countries may be refused entry into the country by the Israeli border control. The border control police may suspect that the person may not be visiting Israel for tourism, but for illegal work. Border control is also allowed to refuse entry to those who have stayed beyond their visa period in Israel in the past.

If a person is denied entry into Israel, they will be placed in a detention center until deportation. If they want to appeal, they have to contact a lawyer immediately to reverse their deportation order. They may also require a lawyer to know various Israel visa requirements for UK citizens before filing an application. You can read more about what can be done legally if your entry to Israel has been refused in this article on our website.

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