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United Arab Emirates Business Visa to Israel


Joshua Pex

In this article, we discuss a little about the United Arab Emirates business visa to Israel, the B/1 visa.  Everything related to visas and immigration procedures falls under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior.  

About the United Arab Emirates Business Visa to Israel

At the time we are writing this, several UAE companies have reached out to us to inquire about the visa process.  Israel and the UAE are just UAE Business Visa to Israelbeginning to establish relations, and we will update this article with new information if needed.  

If you seek a business visa to Israel, you will most likely need to apply for the B/1 business visa.  A B/1 visa is helpful if you wish to come to Israel for a conference, business meeting, engage in negotiations, sign a contract, or do any other business-related work.

How to Get a UAE Business Visa to Israel

If you seek to come to Israel on business, an Israeli company that seeks to work with you must apply on your behalf.  They will submit paperwork to the Department of Expert Workers in order to obtain a work permit.  Only after this permit is granted, the Ministry of Interior makes a decision about whether or not they will issue a visa.  Once the visa is approved, you will be able to receive the visa at the Israeli embassy or consulate closest to you.  

In the event that Israel does not set up a visa agreement with the UAE, it is still possible to come to Israel for business purposes.  The business person must enter the country on a B/2 tourist visa, and as part of this process, a bank guarantee will need to be held to ensure that the business person does not violate the terms of their visa. 

For more information on the paperwork needed, the two phases of application, and more, see our article on obtaining an Israeli work visa.

Speeding Up the Process

If Israel establishes a visa agreement with the United Arab Emirates, which we think it will, then it will be possible to apply via the expedited procedure for a B/1 visa, significantly speeding up the application process.  We discuss this in another article on this procedure.

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