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UK Work Permit – Legal Advice by an Immigration Lawyer


Joshua Pex

How to apply for a permit to work in England?

A UK work permit is necessary for anyone who wants to work in Britain despite not being a resident of the European Union. In order to obtain this permit, the employer / company must show that this employee has the necessary skills, ability and experience for the position, more so than any candidates who ARE citizens of the EU. While it is not impossible to meet these demands, small companies are usually unwilling to invest the necessary effort. The process takes between four and six months and there is no shortage of EU candidates for low-level positions. These requirements are less onerous for senior management openings, as well as positions that require special skills or high-tech knowledge. A request that is submitted correctly, under the employer’s sponsorship, will be processed quickly.

What is a UK work permit?

britain work permit

Work permits are given to a specific worker for a specific job. Work permits allow British employers to hire workers who do not have an EU passport. The requirement to obtain a permit was established to protect the rights of local residents working in the UK.

Do I need a UK work permit?

As a rule, if you do not have an EU or Swiss passport and would like to work in the United Kingdom you will need to obtain an outstanding work permit. The exception is for artists, inventors, priests, and caregivers of children who live in the family home (“au pairs”). These professions do not require a UK work permit.

How do I apply for a United Kingdom work permit?

A British employer who wishes to employ a foreign worker must apply for a work permit in Britain. Applications are reviewed by the Home Office, which is responsible for issuing UK work permits. It is recommended that the employer submit such an application at least two months prior to the employee occupying the position. Documents supporting the request are required, such as proof of employee skills and relevant experience.


The British immigration law is very complex, as befits the homeland of modern bureaucracy, and contains many details that can dramatically affect the course of the application. In order to be successful in obtaining a visa to England it is important to understand the English culture and way of thinking in order to prepare an application for immigration. Many applications are rejected due to technical errors such as filling out the application form carelessly. The law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh has extensive experience in assisting immigration applicants to many countries.

Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh specializes in immigration to the United Kingdom. If you need help with your visa application to work England, we will be happy to assist you.

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