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UK student visa

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How to get a student visa to Britain?

A UK student visa is something that many Israelis aspire to receive. Like citizens of many other countries, Israeli students want a chance to study in England. The United Kingdom’s universities are among the most prestigious institutions in the world with a history of academic excellence which attracts many foreign students. Everyone has heard of Oxford and Cambridge, but there are dozens of other great universities in Britain that accept foreign students. It is important to know that foreign students, i.e, students who are not citizens of Britain or of European Union countries, are required to obtain a UK student visa in advance, prior to arrival in England. In this article, attorney Joshua Pex, a lawyer specializing in immigration to England, explains the procedure for obtaining a student visa to the UK.

You must be admitted to an academic institution in England before applying for a visa:

UK student visaIn order to obtain a UK student visa, you must be admitted to a recognized academic institution in the United Kingdom. After admission, the university issues a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). This is the most important document for applying for a student visa (a “Tier 4” visa according to the UK Home Office classification).

The basic requirement to obtain student visa to England is being registered to study a full curriculum. UK immigration laws stipulate that a “full curriculum” means at least 15 hours of classes per week.

Proof of financial capacity

Any foreign student who obtains a visa to study in England must prove that they are able to finance their studies and stay in the UK, so as not to be a burden on the British economy.

First, the student must provide proof of their ability to pay tuition for the first year.

Second, the student must provide proof of their ability to pay their living expenses for the first year of their stay in the UK. The amounts vary according to the curriculum and place of study. There is a difference between studying in London and elsewhere in Britain. Regardless, it should be taken into account that besides the payment of tuition to the university, the student must show acsess to between £ 1,000 and £ 1,300 per month for rent and living expenses

Knowledge of English exam – UK student visa requirement

To obtain a student visa one must demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Foreign students are usually required  to take an English language test. The test in Israel is carried out by an institute authorized by the British immigration authorities. The cost of the exam is NIS 1,200. It should be noted that students who meet various conditions, such as being born in commonwealth nations, may be exempt from the English test. However, most Israelis will be required to successfully pass the test in order to obtain a student visa.

Application for a UK student visa

The application for a student visa must be submitted through the website of the British Home Office. The application fee is £ 348 (as of 18/05/2018). In addition, a foreign student is required to pay for health insurance for the period of their stay in the UK, to the amount of 150 pounds per year. All required documents must be submitted with the application; a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) form, proof of financial capacity, the results of the English proficiency test, and more.

It is very important to complete the form accurately and to provide the required documents. Note that many applications are rejected for technical reasons, even when the student actually meets the required conditions.

Where do I apply for a student visa to the UK?

After completing the application online and printing out the confirmation, you must submit the application at the office of the British Immigration Authority in Tel Aviv. Your picture and fingerprints will be taken on the spot. The application is sent to the UK for further processing.

What if the application is rejected?

It is advisable to start the process well in advance and consult with experts on the subject, since there’s no real way to appeal against the rejection of a student visa application. The only thing to do is to submit another request, which requires payment of another fee and submitting again the necessary documents.
Often, after a request is rejected, there is not enough time before classes start to submit a new application.
Most academic programs start in September or October, so you should apply for a visa well in advance. The average processing time for a student visa to the UK is about one month.

Are the student’s family members allowed to stay in the UK?

Yes, if the student is accepted for studies for a masters degree or a PhD the family members (spouse and children) of the student, may apply for a “dependents” visa to the UK for the entire period of the foreign student’s visa. Moreover, the spouse can work in Britain during their stay. The student’s children can study in local British schools and receive health insurance.

For how many years can I study on a UK student visa?

A student visa is for the length of the course and can be extended for up to 5 years.

Is it possible to work while studying?

Yes, it is possible to work during the course of studies. However, you are limited to 20 hours of work per week, part-time work that allows the student to concentrate on his studies.

Can you immigrate to the UK after acquiring a student visa?

Students who wish to continue to stay in the UK can apply for a work visa in England if they find an employment offer. The possibility of immigrating to England after graduation is also open to students who meet the necessary requirements to obtain other visas to the UK, such as an entrepreneurial or investment visa.

UK immigration and visas

If you have questions about a student visa to the UK or types of immigration visas to Britain, contact our office for information. We specialize in immigration to the UK and will be happy to help you.

UK student visa

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