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UK investor visa


Joshua Pex

How to get an investment visa to the United Kingdom?

How to get a UK investor visa for immigration purposes? Experienced businessmen who have substantial sums of money can invest in a business in the UK, contribute to the development of the British economy, and immigrate to England on the basis of this investment. The applicant must prove both his business experience and the contribution his investment will make to the UK economy. This article by advocate Joshua Pex, of the Petach Tikva law firm in Israel Cohen, Decker, Pex and Brosh, specializing in immigration to the UK, will explain how to obtain a United Kingdom investor visa.

What are the financial conditions for obtaining a UK investor visa?

united kingdom investment visaThe investment must contribute to the development of the English economy in a major way. At least £ 200,000 must be invested, intended to buy or set up a business in England (as opposed to, say, investment in real estate). The established or purchased business must employ at least two UK workers. The workers must be British citizens, as the law requires the investor to increase employment among local citizens for every foreign worker / supervisor.

The investor himself is required to:

The applicant for a UK investor visa should have at least basic knowledge of English, since he or she will need to pass a language proficiency test. The investor will have to supply evidence of his business experience, and provide an organized business plan, in English. In addition, the applicant for the Uk investor visa must present a certificate of integrity (non criminal record) translated into English by a certified translator.

What are the steps between receiving a UK investor visa, and receiving British citizenship?

If the application for an investment visa to the UK is accepted, the applicant receives a three-year and four-month visa. During its duration, the investor can live in England and develop the business he invested in. The visa also includes the spouse and children of the applicant.

If after this period the business continues to thrive and keep going, the visa can be extended for an additional two years. Then, if the business is still operational, the investor can apply for permanent residency status in England. After a year as a permanent resident of the UK, he can apply for British citizenship. All these status changes also include the investor’s family. Throughout their stay in England, the applicant and his family members are entitled to medical insurance and free education, work permits for the spouse, and other rights granted to all residents of the United Kingdom

Legal aid in applying for an investment visa to England:

As we know, experience and knowledge in the field of business does not necessarily translate into experience and knowledge in the field of law.They certainly don’t translate into knowledge of the priorities of British bureaucracy. Details that seem to be unimportant could cause the rejection or the delay of the application. For example, our offices in Petach Tikvah, which specialize in immigration to England, have seen applications (by customers who did not first consult us) rejected due to the submission of document copies in black and white, rather than in color.

In order to prepare a successful application for a UK visa, an understanding of the requirements, as well as of British culture, is necessary. Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with the UK Home Office and understanding the requirements of applications. We will be happy to accompany you through the process and help your application meet the necessary requirements.

Contact the Cohen, Decker, Pex, and Brosh offices in Petah Tikva and Jerusalem, which specializes in immigration to England, if you wish to work in Britain or to obtain an investment visa to the United Kingdom

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