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UAE Expert Worker to Israel

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This article will address what needs to happen to bring a UAE expert worker to Israel.  An expert worker can be a CEO, another senior executive in a company, an academic, singer, artist, athlete, medical professional, and more. 

UAE Expert Worker to Israel

While issues are being finalized between Israel and the UAE, we anticipate that the UAE expert worker visa process will be similar to that of most other countries.  This means that, if Israel and the UAE establish a visa agreement, UAE expert workers can apply for a B/1 visa.

About Expert Worker Visas

As Israel, like other sovereign countries, seeks to keep most jobs for its own citizens, it often discourages companies from bringing in expert workers from other countries.  However, Israel makes exceptions when companies require a certain expertise that is not easily found among the Israeli public.  An expert worker must be able to prove that they have certain skills or knowledge needed by a company, and they must also be willing to train locals in that area of expertise.  

Companies bringing foreign expert workers must be willing to pay them twice the average Israeli salary, and the visa application is much more expensive as well, often 1,200 NIS for the application, and another 10,000 NIS for the visa.  

Phases to Bring a UAE Expert Worker to Israel

There are two phases of the B/1 visa process.  First, the Israeli company seeking to employ the UAE expert worker must submit a permit application to the Department of Expert Workers.  Once this permit is issued, the company needs to move to the second step, applying for a B/1 expert worker visa at the Ministry of Interior.

Each phase has its own procedures and processes, which we detail in other articles, like the Israeli work visa

Receiving the Expert Worker Visa

The first time a UAE expert worker applies for this visa, the visa will be sent to the Israeli consulate or embassy closest to the worker’s residence. The worker must enter Israel with this visa.  

It is also likely that Israel and the UAE will establish a visa agreement, which will then allow for UAE workers to apply for the expedited procedure

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Our law offices have assisted many foreign and local companies with all their visa and corporate needs.  If you would like assistance bringing a UAE expert worker to Israel, please contact us.  Advocate Joshua Pex specializes in Israeli immigration law, and he would be happy to help you. 

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