What are the different types of USA work visas?

Did you ever want to work in the United States for some time?

Advocate James Cohen from Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law firm in Israel explains the various work visas which allow visa holders to live and work in the USA temporarily.

H-1B Visa

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This visa is one of the most popular and best known temporary work visas to the USA. To be eligible one must have received the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree or higher from a recognized educational institution either in the US or in another country. A specific employer must initiate the visa on behalf of the foreign worker. Typically, computer programmers, engineers and scientists from foreign countries are recruited through this mechanism. Unfortunately, there is currently a statutory cap of 65,000 such work visas available in any given year. Usually employers must begin the process of recruiting such workers almost one year prior to when the foreign worker can begin to work in the US.

J Visa

The J visa is usually part of an exchange program with another country. It can be used for cultural exchanges such as graduate degree students working in a specific field, teachers, scholars, physicians, nannies, etc. To be eligible for such a visa, one must have applied and been accepted through a recognized cultural exchange organization. Sometimes, there are restrictions on these visas requiring the recipient to return to his or her home country for two years following the exchange program before he or she can return to the United States.

L Visa

This visa is for someone who works for a business that has an office in the United States. It’s considered an intra-company transfer. The individual must either work in a managerial or executive capacity or be one with specialized knowledge.

O-1 Visa

This visa is for individuals with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, business or sports. To be eligible for such a visa, one must show continued national or international acclaim in his or her field. To receive such a visa, an accrediting organization in the United States in the person’s field of ability must pre-approve the individual’s national or international credentials.

P Visa

These work visas are for sports’ teams or entertainment groups. To be eligible for such visas, the group usually must show international acclaim. They also must provide invitations for various events in which they are playing. In addition, an accrediting organization in the United States in the group’s field of ability must pre-approve the group’s international credentials.

Q Visa

This visa is similar to the J visa above except that the cultural exchange program is for practical training and employment while allowing the participants to enjoy their history, culture and traditions in the US. Like the J visa, one must apply directly to a cultural exchange program before becoming eligible for a visa.

R Visa

The R visa is for religious workers, either members of the clergy or a worker involved in a religious vocation or occupation. The worker must belong to a religious denomination that has a religious nonprofit organization in the US. The religious organization must initiate the petition. The most important test for eligibility is that the worker must have been a member of the denomination or volunteer of the religious organization for two years prior to filing the petition for employment. In addition, the worker must show that he or she will be working in a religious vocation for a religious organization.

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