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Travel to Israel Visa Requirements

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Israel has signed agreements with several countries to exempt citizens of those countries from visa requirements to enter Israel. Citizens of these countries can receive a visa to visit Israel upon entry at the border crossing and stay in Israel for up to 90 days from the date of their arrival in the country. It is important to note that the visa exemption applies solely to visitor visas; typically the Israeli B/2 travel visa, for visiting the country for tourism, short business trips, or familial visits.

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Citizens of countries with which Israel has not signed this agreement, and also nationals of visa-exempt countries who have over-stayed their visa to Israel in the past, or have had problems with the Israeli immigration authority, will have to obtain an Israeli tourist visa before entering the country. Anyone wanting to visit Israel must have a passport, which is valid is for at least six months from the date they enter the country.

Israeli immigration law office

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Travel to Israel – the Israeli Ministry of Interior

The Israeli Minister of the Interior is the State authority responsible of all issues of immigration to Israel. The Ministry of Interior is responsible for travel to Israel visa requirements. The authority is responsible for implementing the laws which lay down the conditions that allow entry into Israel. It’s important to know that the issuance of a visa by the State of Israel to anyone holding a foreign passport does not always imply recognition of the entity or authority that issued their passport.

Israeli border police no longer stamps passports at border crossings, but may stamp a separate slip of paper called the Electronic Gate Pass, which provides official proof of a traveler’s visa status in the country. All visitors are required to hold this slip as long as they stay in Israel.

What follows is a quick overview of travel visa requirements to visit Israel that foreign nationals have to meet. You can read more about the B-2 visa to visit Israel in this article on our website.

What do applicants for a Tourist Visa to Israel require?

Israel visa requirements; applicants applying for any of the above visas must submit the following documents:

  • A completed visa application form.
  • A photocopy of the passport of the applicant or any person for whom the application is filed. This includes entry visas issued to enter other countries.
  • If an Israeli resident is applying to invite a foreigner, then the person must submit a photocopy of their ID.
  • If the person is an Israeli resident and is applying to invite a foreign national, they must submit a liability document, which clearly states the duration of the foreigner’s stay, reasons for their visit, as well as the date of departure.
  • If the person is an Israeli resident and is applying to invite a foreign national, they must submit official certificates and documents to prove the relationship between them and the foreign citizen they are inviting.
  • When applying to invite a minor who is a foreigner, applicants must provide a signed consent letter from both parents or the minor’s legal guardian.
  • If the country of origin of the foreigner is defined as a “high-risk” country by the security services, then they will have to submit a resume form for getting security clearance.

Application process – Israeli B-2 visitor visa

A person has to file an application for an Israeli B/2 tourist visa as per Israel visa requirements between one to two months before they intend to travel to Israel. Applicants must complete and submit their application form on time to avoid rejection by the visa authorities. When applying for an Israeli B/2 tourist visa, applicants need to submit their completed application form at the office of the Consulate of Israel or the Embassy of Israel located in their country of residence. There are many third-party visa agencies who have the authority from the State of Israel to process visa application forms. Applicants can get in touch with them to know the process and file their application by following various visa Israel requirements. Applicants should also contact the embassy of Israel in their country of residence to get relevant information before they begin their filing process.

After completing the application form, applicants must submit it along with necessary documents personally at the relevant Israel representatives overseas or at the office of the Population and Immigration Authority in Israel. Visa applications for B/2 visa for foreign citizens can be filed at Israeli consulates in their country of residence as per Israel visa requirements.

Request for Visitor visa to Israel for participation in a legal procedure

Foreign citizens who are invited for judicial hearings in Israel, or need to travel to Israel in order to take part in a claims committee of the National Insurance Institute, must submit valid documents to prove these claims. If represented by a lawyer they must sign a power of attorney as per visa requirements to Israel.

When filing an application to invite a foreign citizen for a judicial hearings in Israel, the attorney, who is the person bearing the power of attorney, has to submit summons or a court order, which clarifies that the foreigner’s physical presence is necessary in the country. If the application is accepted, the invited foreign citizen will be granted a visa for up to a week, subject to a guarantee from their bank. You can read more about the procedure of submitting a bank guarantee in order to receive a visa to Israel, in this article, on our website.

Service fees – Israeli tourist visa

As per visa requirements to visit Israel, applicants are required to pay an application processing fee. The fee for applying for a B/2 tourist visa to Israel is usually 90 NIS. If a person applies for the visa through a third-party agency, then they will have to pay an extra service fee. However, this fee cannot be higher than the price of the visa itself.

Tourist visa duration and refusal of entrance to Israel

The validity of a B/2 tourist to Israel is usually a maximum of 3 months from the date of issue. However, the Border Police of Israel reserve the right to determine the duration of a person’s stay in the country at the point of entry. Also, it’s important to understand that even if a person has a visa to visit Israel issued in advance, the Israeli border control immigration officers have the legal right to refuse the entry to Israel. The drastic decision of denial of entrance to Israel is usually made when there is suspicion that the visitor will over-stay their visa in Israel, or work illegally. You can read more about what legal steps can be taken if your entry to Israel has been refused at the border upon arrival, in this article.

Extending your tourist visa to Israel after arrival

A person is allowed to apply for a B-2 tourist visa extension if they wish to stay in the country for a longer period of time. For this, the visitor has to approach the Population Authority office while they are still in the country. When they apply, they have to provide a strong reason why they want to extend their stay in the country. These reasons can be familial ties, a legal hearing, or a medical reason, etc. You may want to read more about the procedure of extending a tourist visa in this article on our website.

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It is important to abide by the above Israel visa requirements to avoid any legal complications, such as deportation and denial of entry. The lawyers from our law firm are experienced and qualified to assist you in all issues of visa requirements to Israel before planning their trip. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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