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The Quick Way to Get a Portuguese Passport

Michael Decker

Stuart Safft

I am delighted to report that my wife and I have just obtained our Israeli citizenship. We will be forever grateful for all of the help, guidance and support which Ariel Galili of Decker, Pex, Ofir & Co. provided through this process.
I am a Jewish, 80-year-old American, and my wife is not Jewish. We had started the process on our own back in November 2020 via the Jewish Agency and Nefesh B’Nefesh, but soon became entangled in the delays and often-changing regulations due to Covid-19. The pandemic also caused delays in obtaining the required apostilles for various documents from various state agencies and the US State Department.
We found Decker, Pex, Ofir & Co. On the internet and began working with Ariel in late November 2021. Ariel did a superb job of leading us through the process, helping us to understand which documents were essential, which would most likely be required, and which, though included on the list of required documents, were rarely required. He helped us several times to understand what was likely and unlikely to occur as “the next step.” Helping us manage our expectations was extremely useful to us.
Besides his knowing the laws, regulations and procedures, Ariel also made us feel that he was truly interested in helping us to successfully work through this process in as smooth, timely, and frustration-free manner as possible.
My wife and I strongly recommend anyone planning to go through this process seriously consider hiring Decker, Pex, Ofir & Co. and, specifically, Ariel Galili.

What is the quick way to get a Portuguese passport? Thousands of Israelis are currently waiting to get a Portuguese passport, after receiving an approval in principle for their eligibility to a citizenship. In order to issue a passport, after approval of the citizenship by the Portuguese authorities, the applicant is required to wait several months. During this period, the process goes through different bureaucratic procedures and departments in Portugal, until the passport is issued at the Portuguese embassy in Israel. However, there is a direct and much faster way to receive the passport, via the Portuguese authorities in Lisbon.

Our law firm is the leading firm in Jerusalem in acquiring Portuguese citizenship for Israeli descendants of Jews who were expelled from Spain. we have various tools, experience and reputation, gained over the years, in the field of immigration in general and particularly immgration to Portugal.

The Quick Way to Get a Portuguese Passport

The quick way to get a Portuguese passportAs we know, obtaining a foreign citizenship is not a trivial matter. Quite a few requirements apply to the applicants, who must keep their full attention and energy in order to get the full required paperwork, to prove a Spanish or Portuguese connection and to meet some additional requirements. Yet, they still have to wait a prolonged period of time (about a year and a half) in order to obtain the Portuguese citizenship, and then the desired EU passport. 

There are no shortcuts for this process, which is known as “the initial procedure”. The length of the procedure can be explained by the fact that Portugal is a European country. The Portuguese tend to draw out their bureaucratic procedures. Possible explanations could be that the authorities did not expect to receive so many applications, that there is not enough human power to handle all of the applications or that the working hours and weekly working days are comparatively shorter in Europe, and therefore the process takes longer. 

In the end of the initial procedure, the applicant receives an official document in Portuguese from the authorities in Portugal, which is a prototype of a birth certificate with a new Portuguese ID number, granted to the applicant. Thereafter, the candidate will have to file an application to a Portuguese ID. 

Attached is a sample birth certificate

Obtaining a Portuguese Passport Directly

After obtaining the Portuguese ID, it will be possible to file an application in order to obtain the long-awaited passport. The procedure for receiving the passport will be at the Portuguese Consulate, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Due to the long queues in the Consulate (as mentioned, thousands of Israelis are waiting to receive their passport), the process may take a few additional months, if not half a year or more.

However, there is a quicker way, in which you could obtain the passport within a few days; having the passport issued by the Portuguese authorities in Lisbon. For all those who are interested, the procedure in Lisbon takes up to 4 business-days, after the approval for citizenship is given in the form of an issued birth certificate. The procedure includes few prior meetings, after which you will be accompanied to the public departments for handling the bureaucracy. 

The price is around 250 Euros, with additional 153 Euros of governmental taxes. Thus, the final price will be approximately 400 Euros.

It is important to mention that our offices should be notified about your travel, about a month in advance. This is in order to arrange the required appointments in advance. In addition, you need to provide a copy of the Portuguese birth certificate and an Israeli passport.

For a detailed article on obtaining a Portuguese passport, click here

A Law Firm for Obtaining a Portuguese Passport in the Fast Way

If you haven’t received a confirmation of your eligibility to a Portuguese passport, contact us and we will be happy to help. Our offices, located in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, are making all the relevant information accessible for Israelis and Jews interested to obtain Portuguese citizenship without long queues. We will be happy to help, via the phone numbers presented below.

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