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Submitting an Objection to a Succession Order in Israel

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Submitting an Objection to a Succession Order in Israel

Israeli inheritance law specifies ways to submit an objection to a succession order in Israel (or will probate order) prior to the assets being allocated.  This article addresses how this is done. 

Objection to a Succession Order in Israel

This Series of Posts

Our law office specialize in a variety of fields, including inheritance law in Israel.  This article is one in a series addressing different aspects of Israeli inheritance law, based on the Hebrew instructions on the Ministry of Justice website under the Registrar of Inheritance Affairs.  To read more, see our collection of articles on inheritance issues.

Who Can Submit an Objection to a Succession Order in Israel (or Probate Order)?

Anyone who objects to an application for a succession order or will probate order is allowed to file an objection.  

How to Submit an Objection to a Succession Order in Israel

The objection must be submitted up to fourteen days from the date the application is published.  An affidavit must be submitted along with the objection, and the affidavit must show detailed facts supporting the objection.  

Additionally, the one who objects the published application must pay a fee (you can find the online payment method here, but note that it is only in Hebrew) for the objection and attach the payment confirmation.  In the event that the fee for the objection is paid online, a printed page showing confirmation of payment must be submitted.  As of the end of 2017, the fee is 954 NIS.  

If fourteen days have passed from the publication of the application and the order has not yet been issued, it is possible to submit an objection and with it a request to extend the the date for considering objections.  

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If you have questions about submitting an objection to the granting of a succession or probate order, or if you need assistance with relevant payments if you do not speak Hebrew, please contact us.  

Advocate Michael Decker specializes in Israeli inheritance law and would be happy to discuss this issue with you.

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