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Submitting an Objection on Arnona Taxes


Michael Decker

This article discusses how to submit an objection on arnona taxes and the criteria for submitting this objection.  

Objection on Arnona Taxes

Conditions to Submit an Objection on Arnona Taxes

In order to appeal or submit an objection on arnona taxes, the situation must meet one of the following: 1) the property area taxed does not match the actual property area you own or live in, 2) the building type is incorrectly classified, 3) the area is incorrectly classified, or 4) the person who received the arnona bill is not the person who is responsible for the property.  

The taxpayer must submit an objection (one of the four reasons above) within 90 days of receiving the bill.  The municipal property tax administrator is required to reply to the objection within 60 days (although the Appeals Committee can extend this period by 30 days).  In the event the person who submits the objection receives a response that they deem unfair, they can send an appeal to the Appeals Committee. This appeal must be sent within 30 days of receiving a response from the administrator.  A decision by the Appeals Committee can also be appealed to the Administrative Affairs Court.

While there is an established appeal process in place, it is important to note that engaging in an appeal process does not exempt the taxpayer from paying the arnona tax.

Applying for a Discount or Exemption

There are numerous cases and categories of people who are eligible for arnona discounts or exemptions

This Series of Articles

Our law firm, Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh, specializes in numerous legal fields, and we often assist clients with all sorts of issues related to arnona taxes.  In Israel the issue of arnona (referring to municipal taxes) fall under the Ministry of Interior (Misrad HaPanim) and the local municipal authority.  We have written a series of articles on various issues related to arnona for the benefit of our clients, including articles on arnona exemptions and discounts, among others.

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Objection on Arnona Taxes

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