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Short Expert Worker Permit to Israel

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex


We had a pleasure of working with Irena Rosenberg who assisted in getting our two U.S. born children registered in Israel and supported visa process for my wife in 2021. During the pandemic, my wife and I decided to move to Israel where I am originally from after living in the U.S. for over 20 years, but we had no idea how to go about securing visas before and after arriving in Israel. Irena is knowledgeable, reliable and competent lawyer who always had answers to all our questions which made us feel confident that everything would be fine with her assistance. We are now happily living in Israel and are so grateful to have Irena who is a genuinely nice person as our lawyer.

This article addresses a short expert worker permit to Israel, particularly for cases where the worker will be in the country for 90 days or less.

Requirements for the Short Expert Worker Permit to Israel

Short Expert Worker Permit to IsraelIn order to apply for a short expert worker permit to Israel, the applying company must ensure that the foreign expert has the necessary qualifications.  These qualifications justify the visa, such as academic credentials indicating their expertise.

Applications for the B1 expert worker permit must be submitted to the Israeli Ministry of Interior.  The foreign expert cannot be in the country during the application process.  Once the application is accepted, it is sent to the Israeli consulate in the foreign expert’s country of residence.  The foreign expert may enter Israel and receive the work visa at the border or at the local Ministry of Interior office (in Hebrew, Misrad HaPanim) within 30 days of their arrival.

Unique Issues Relating to the Short Work Permit to Israel

While there are specific rules that must be followed for the regular B1 expert work visa, for example, paying the expert worker a minimum of twice the average Israeli salary, among other things, there are a number of issues unique to the short work permit to Israel.  

Expert workers coming with a short work permit to Israel can be paid at the normal Israeli minimum salary.  The short-term work permit will result in a single-entry visa only; however, if the worker intends to travel in and out of the country, they need to apply for a multi-entry visa (inter-visa).  Generally family members are not permitted to come with short term expert workers, but exceptions are made. Also, while the regular B1 visa can be extended, the short expert worker permit to Israel may not be extended.

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