This article addresses Portuguese nationality and obtaining status based on the Sephardic Portuguese Law of Return with the help of a Portuguese nationality lawyer.  Thousands of other Sephardic descendants have successfully obtained Portuguese nationality due to this law, and this article helps explain the main steps involved, linking to other articles of interest as well.

Portuguese Nationality Lawyer

How to Apply with the Help of a Portuguese Nationality Lawyer

There are two primary stages involved in the process of applying for Portuguese nationality based on the Sephardic Law.  This includes the following:

  1. Obtaining proof of one’s Sephardic ancestry that is approved by the Jewish community of either Porto or Lisbon.  Once you can prove your ancestry and get the approval of the Jewish community, everything else will fall into place rather easily.  We have a positive working relationship with these Jewish communities and can assist with obtaining letters of approval. For more information on proving Sephardic heritage, please see our article on the topic. 
  2. Submitting all the relevant documents involved with the letter and proof of Sephardic heritage.  These documents must be in one of three languages: English, French, or Portuguese.  Our law offices can provide notary translation services for you if you need it. 

This Series of Articles

We have written this series of articles to address frequently asked questions on Portuguese nationality.  We also have many other articles discussing what one should do if one has a criminal record, how long the application process takes, how to obtain status for a non-Sephardic spouse or children, what to do if one has had multiple residences prior to applying, situations where one has changed their name and has multiple name records when applying, and more.  

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Portuguese Nationality Lawyer

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