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Pathways for US Jews Austria Citizenship


Tal Ofir

For US Jews Austria citizenship pathways are multiple. Here are some ways to obtain Austrian citizenship as an American Jew:


One of the most common and the easiest ways to Austrian citizenship for American Jews is through naturalization.

If you have married an Austrian citizen, you can apply for naturalization after living in Austria continuously for six years.

For those who have no marriage ties with an Austrian citizen, minimum of ten years of uninterrupted residence is required in Austria. Out of this, five years, at a minimum, must be with a valid Residence Permit. In addition to this, the Austrian government also mandates the following:

 US Jews Austria CitizenshipThere should be no criminal action against the US Jew emigrating to Austria in Austria, the US or any other country. There should also be absence of severe administrative offences.

Proof of regular and fixed earnings has to be provided through income, judicial claim of maintenance or out of acquisition or insurance benefits over the last six years prior to the date of application. The last six months of judicial claim needs to immediately precede the time of application. Child care support and family benefits can also be considered as income. Those who are disabled or have a permanent serious illness need not provide regular and fixed earnings’ proof.

For American Jews Austrian citizenship pathway is also easier when they have adequate knowledge of the German knowledge. It is also important to have knowledge of Austria’s history, its democratic system as well as its fundamental principles.

Holocaust survivors:

If you are a descendent of an Austrian citizen or resident who was a victim of the Holocaust and was forced to leave Austria before 1955, you can apply for Austria citizenship.


Children of Austrian citizens automatically gain Austrian citizenship at birth, when the mother is a citizen of Austria. If the parents are married and the only Austrian citizen is the father, this also paves the way for US Jews Austria citizenship. When the parents are not married, the child acquires Austrian citizenship when the Austrian citizen father acknowledges his parenthood.

Red-White-Red card:

If you are an American Jew, there are other ways of obtaining Austrian citizenship. Austria has a Red-White-Red card for very highly qualified and skilled workers as well as startup founders.  To obtain a permanent residence permit, the individual has to have regular and fixed income that covers the living costs.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and experience, you can apply for permanent residency through investment, which then paves the way for Austrian citizenship through naturalization. You will need to submit a thorough business plan highlighting how the company will be run and whether you will retain adequate control of the company’s management. The products or services that you will develop and launch have to be innovative in the Austrian market. The minimum funding for the startup should be EUR 50,000.

In addition to the above, startup founders have to score a minimum of 50 points in the scoring system of the government that includes

  • Academic qualification
  • Work experience
  • Investment in the startup company
  • Language skills in German and English
  • Age
  • Additional capital or funding from an Austrian agency

Citizenship by investment is also possible in other European countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, France, Portugal and Netherlands.

At Cohen, Decker, Pex, and Brosh law office, our attorneys specialize in assisting both American and Israeli Jews in obtaining European citizenship and specifically Austrian citizenship. We carry out a thorough assessment of your history and unique needs before recommending the most suitable pathway to Austrian citizenship. Our streamlined immigration solutions have helped many US Jews gain Austria citizenship.

 US Jews Austria Citizenship

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