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James Cohen

A Few Things to Know about the O Visa USA

O visa - USA - Chicago lights

O visa – USA – Chicago

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What is the O visa USA that allows individuals with extraordinary ability to receive a temporary work visa to the United States of America? The O visa USA is not as well knows as some of the other visas to the USA, however, if the O visa is approved, it provides temporary work in the United States for foreign applicants all over the world with special talents. Israeli citizens who are extraordinary scientists, athletes, artists, individuals involved in the motion picture industry, television industry, but also exceptionally successful business-men, educators, etc., may apply for the O visa USA. The O visa USA is a flexible visa category which allows the holder of the visa to move to the United States for several years in order to practice the profession which was the basis for the O visa approval.

O Visa USA – Legal Requirements  

The test for approving the O visa USA application by the USA Immigration Authorities is the ability to prove one’s extraordinary ability. The O visa applicant must be able to prove distinction and a high level of achievement and recognition in their field of practice. The O visa applicant must provide, for example, a  recommendation by experts, show awards received in his or her field of practice, submit publications made in well-known journals, prove the applicant for the O visa USA was a judge in a panel in the field of practice, and is considered an expert in this field.

O Visa USA Approval – Immigration to the USA on a Temporary Work Visa

The O visa USA is a flexible visa category to the USA since there is no limitation on the number of visas approved each year. Also, the visa application is processed quickly, so once the O visa application is approved, the foreign citizen will receive this temporary work visa and move to the United States and practice their field of expertise in America.

Please find a link to a YouTube video in which Advocate James Cohen explains the O visa USA process.

For more information, contact Advocate James Cohen, USA immigration lawyer, at Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law office.

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