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Notarized translation into English


Michael Decker

Notarized translation into English may be required for any document issued in Hebrew and submitted to an authority or institution outside Israel.

The law office of Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh specializes in immigration to Israel, as well as immigration and relocation from Israel to many first world countries. As such, we are constantly required to provide notarized translations for our clients. We help prepare and translate document packages for clients who immigrate to Israel, the US, United Kingdom, Canada, and other destinations. We also provide notarized translations to and from Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, German and more. We provide translations for external clients and discounted translation services for immigrants whose applications the office handles.

Our law firm in Petah Tikva and Jerusalem helps with the immigration process and translates the necessary documents, professionally, efficiently, and quickly. Thanks to our experience in immigration law, we can help collect and translate document packages for work, study, and immigration visas. This experience also helps our clients save on notarized translation costs. We know these documents require legal translation, translator affidavit confirmation, Apostille stamp, and more.

What countries require documents with a notarized translation into English?

Notarized Translation into EnglishEnglish-speaking countries, such as the United States, England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand require English translation of any text and document submitted to the authorities in those countries. But even countries where English is not the official language are often willing to receive documents translated into English.

English is the 21st century lingua franca, and educated people (such as government officials and those with legal education) around the world speak English well. Despite Israeli laws on the subject, employers and immigration authorities in Israel are often willing to accept documents issued or translated into English.

Why translate into English? If the document recipient is willing to receive an English version, an English translation can be accepted when translation into a more “exotic” language is unavailable,

Is a notarized English to Hebrew translation required in Israel?

Most Israeli citizens speak English at one level or another. Immigration officials in the Ministry of Interior, the Population and Immigration Authority, and other government offices are often prepared to receive English documents. This cooperation results from the common Israeli lack of formality and consideration of the official procedures.

According to the laws and procedures, documents officially filed in Israel are supposed to be translated into Hebrew.

Will you be required to do so in practice? It depends on the clerk / judge handling the case. An attorney who manages the relevant legal process can of course try to reduce the amount of notary translation expenses given the amount of relevant documents.

What documents require a notarized English translation?

The documents to which the Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh law office provides a Hebrew – English – Hebrew translation include:

  • Personal certificates – national ID / passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, integrity certificates.
  • Diplomas, completion of courses, grades, recommendation letters
  • Marriage certificates, divorce papers, paternity certificates
  • Bank account printouts, guarantees, deposits and savings
  • Wills, death certificates, inheritance orders
  • Purchase, sale, lease contracts.

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Contact our law firm for notarial translation in the Jerusalem area and Petah Tikva by telephone below. We provide translation from Hebrew and English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Ukrainian, Arabic, and more.

Notarized Translation into English

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