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Moving to Israel Aliyah

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How to make Aliyah to Israel

Aliyah to Israel, according to the Law of Return – 1950, may be a fast and effective way of obtaining Israeli citizenship, if you are eligible. Those who are entitled to receive Israeli nationality according to the law of return are; Jews, children for Jewish or grandchildren of Jews. The Law of Return also grants the right to make Aliyah to Israel and receive Israeli citizenship to the spouse and minor children of Jews as well as the families of children and grandchildren of Jews.

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Those who are not Jewish by birth, but converted to Judaism by a recognized institution are able to make Aliya to Israel and receive Israeli citizenship, but they must meet the requirements, as explained in this article on our website.

Where does a person apply for Aliyah?

Israeli immigration regulations allow people to enter Israel on a tourist visa and apply for Aliyah while in Israel. However, it’s also possible to apply for Aliyah in advance, before moving to Israel. This is done through the Israeli consulate, Jewish Agency, or in some cases through organizations such as Nefesh Be’nefesh, who help with the Aliyah process, for those who are eligible.

How to make Aliyah in Israel?

According to the regulations of the Law of Return, a tourist is entitled to change his status from a tourist with B/2 visa to Israel, to a state of new immigrant (In Hebrew – Oleh Chadash). The status change is based on its eligibility as stipulated in the law of return.

According to the procedure of the Interior Ministry – the eligible can change their status from a tourist to a new immigrant. The procedure is suitable for tourists residing in Israel, who want to change their legal status. In order to expedite the process and go through it correctly, it is recommend using the services of a law firm specializing in immigration and Aliyah to Eretz Israel. You can read more about the process of changing a B-2 tourist visa to citizenship according to the law of return, on our website.

Live, work and study in Israel with A-1 visa for those eligible for Aliyah, but don’t want Israeli citizenship

Persons who are eligible for Aliyah, but don’t want Israeli citizenship, have the legal right to receive a temporary A-1 visa, which will allow them to work, study and reside in Israel for several years, in order to decide if they want to apply for citizenship. You are welcome to read more about the Israeli A-1 visa in this article on our website.

So, how to make Aliyah for a person in Israel?

A tourist who wants to change is status, should submit the request in the Regional Bureau of the Ministry of the Interior (In Hebrew – Misrad Hapnim) closest to the place of residence. The request is handled by the population authority and the answer is received in the same office where the request was submitted in Israel.

Before applying for Aliyah to Israel, make sure that:

  1. The tourist is in Israel and holds a valid B/2 tourist visa for staying in Israel.
    2. The tourist can be attending when applying, Personal presence is required.
    3. The tourist has a valid foreign passport, valid for at least one year from the day the request was initially presented.
    4. All the appropriate paperwork and photos have been submitted correctly.
    5. Original documentation has been prepared, verified and properly translated.

What documents are necessary for Aliyah to Israel?

It’s very important to have all the required documents at hand when submitting the Aliyah application. What are the required documents? Two kinds of documents are required. First, civil documents, such as certificates of birth, FBI background check regarding criminal activity. Second, religious document to prove eligibility based on being Jewish, or of Jewish descent. You can read more extensively on the documents required for Aliyah to Israel on our website here.

It’s important to note that all documents presented in Israel to the immigration clerks must be authenticated with an Apostille stamp and often translated by an Israeli notary public. You can read more on our website about the issue of authentication of foreign documents for use in Israel.

Problems with making Aliyah to Israel according to the law of return

Most applicants experience the Aliyah process as a positive experience. Usually a person can provide the necessary documents and will be approved within several weeks and receive Israeli citizenship. However, there are those who run into problems for various reasons.

Our law firm has much experience helping people with issues of criminal background in their Aliyah to Israel process. Also those who have had issues of mental health may find that the Israeli immigration officials are giving them unnecessary trouble, or are taking a long time to process the Aliyah applications, even if they are not a danger to the public. You can read more about the making Aliyah to Israel for those with mental illness issues. Another issue that may cause serious problems in the process of Aliyah to Israel is suspicion or evidence that the person who wishes to make Aliyah is not Jewish, or is part of another religion. You can read more about this issue and an extensive review of the Israeli Supreme Court verdicts on the question of who is considered Jewish according to the law of return, on our website, here.

Israeli Aliyah lawyers

Moving to Israel aliyah – If you have questions or need service and consultation of a law office specializing in immigration and Aliyah to Israel, contact our office. Our team is at your service.

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