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Acquisition of Malta citizenship by investment

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Malta is a European country in the Mediterranean, one of the smallest countries in the world, Malta, a stable, neutral and highly respected country, which gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1964 (now part of the British Commonwealth of Nations) and became a republic in 1974. Malta was admitted to the United Nations in 1964 and to the European Union in 2004; In 2008 it became part of the eurozone. Malta is also a member of the Schengen Convention (since 2007).

The current individual investor program in Malta allows a large number of investors to the Acquisition of Malta citizenship and a passport.

It is the alternative program for the IIP, which was in operation from 2014 until 30 September 2020. The growing demand for the individual investor program is due to Malta being one of the safest countries to offer a unique mix of coastal lifestyle and urban destinations with continuous growth and rich cultural heritage.

The official name of the current program is Malta citizenship by naturalization of extraordinary services through direct investment.

Malta citizenship by investment

Main advantages Malta citizenship:

  • Entry into 183 countries without the need to issue an entry visa.
  • Travel, residence and employment within the European Union (27 States).
  • All family members (husband, children up to 26 years of age, parents over 55 years of age) can acquire Maltese citizenship with the investor.
  • No actual residence is required in Malta before the application is made or after the acquisition of citizenship, there is no language test provided that 12 months of residence are maintained before naturalization is achieved through the purchase or rental of property.
  • A friendly and comfortable tax system. There are no taxes if the investor does not move to Malta and does not actually reside in Malta for more than 183 days a year.
  • Dual nationality is recognized. There’s no need to give up your previous citizenship before getting Maltese citizenship.

The process of applying for citizenship

To qualify for Maltese citizenship, the main applicant must be at least 18 years of age and must be in good health. The main applicant and all family members must prove that they do not have infectious diseases. Naturally, they also have to prove they have a clean criminal record.

  1. A non-refundable contribution of no less than € 600,000 (or € 750,000 excluding) depending on the duration of the stay (36 months or 12 months, respectively).
  2. Spouses, children and parents are required to contribute an additional €50,000.00 per dependent family member besides the main applicant. This contribution must be submitted after the applicant’s request for citizenship has been granted.
  3. The investor must keep the property and the correct address in Malta. Applicants must make an investment in a property of not less than € 700000 or enter into a lease of not less than € 16000 per year.
  4. A non-refundable contribution of not less than €10000 to a registered sporting organization or association, as approved by the Malta Community Agency.
  5. Additional government fees.
  6. Come to Malta to record the biometric fingerprint and get the first passport.

The law does not set a concrete minimum for the days that applicants in Malta must spend before consenting to citizenship. At the same time, evidence of a genuine connection with Malta can be established through buying or renting property, opening a bank account, visiting Malta, etc. Accredited agents shall obtain prior written consent from the relevant Ministry (Identity of Malta).

Citizenship is granted 12 or 36 months after the effective date of the commencement of the genuine association with Malta.

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