This article discusses lasting power of attorney in Israel, including defining key terms, why it’s important to have it, and who can draft this. Lasting (or continuing/enduring) power of attorney is an issue in family law in Israel, which is under the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

What Is A Lasting Power of Attorney

This is also commonly referred to as continuing (or enduring) power of attorney (yipuy coakh mitmashekh in Hebrew) and is a document indicating who will be the person(s) to make personal, financial and health decisions on someone’s behalf when they are no longer mentally fit to do so.  The person(s) appointed is called meupeh coakh.

lasting power of attorney

Reasons to Have It

There are a number of reasons it is important to draw up this power of attorney.  These include:

-Giving you peace of mind that your personal, financial and health preferences will be followed, even when you are considered mentally unfit to make decisions on your own.

-Allowing you to bypass the need for court approval for who will carry out your specific wishes. In the event that you don’t have lasting (enduring) power of attorney, the court will appoint a legal guardian (apotropus) on your behalf who may need to report to the court prior to making various decisions.

-Saving time and money, avoiding family conflicts and drawn out court proceedings regarding who will make decisions for you in the future.

If you are interested in drawing up a lasting (enduring) power of attorney, you need to go to a lawyer or law firm, like ours, that is equipped to do so.  Not every lawyer can do this, as one has to obtain special training and approval. 

This Series of Articles

This is one in a longer series of articles on guardianship in Israel.  We also address issues like a living will vs enduring power of attorney, more information about the apotropus and what they do, Hebrew terms for the roles involved in an enduring power of attorney, documents needed to appoint a legal guardian, and more.

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Our law office specializes in inheritance law and has lawyers like Advocate Anat Levi who are able to draft this power of attorney.  If you have any questions or would like to draw up any of the documents and authorities discussed, feel free to contact us.

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