This article addresses the issue of Israelis buying passports through citizenship by investment.  One appealing way to skip the long immigration procedure is to purchase foreign citizenship through a program focusing on investment in another country.  The cost varies, but in many cases it is a minimum of $250,000, but it can be lower or much higher depending on the passport the client wants to obtain (in the EU, US, Canada, UK, in the Caribbean, etc.). Israelis Buying Passports, citizenship by investment program, Israel lawyer, Jerusalem lawyer

Reasons for Israelis Buying Passports

Israelis and others are interested in buying foreign citizenship for many different reasons.  A second passport can offer an Israeli greater mobility, allowing them to travel or even work in different countries visa-free. It can be an opportunity to invest and diversify assets, perhaps being eligible for certain tax benefits in another country. Other countries can also offer greater security or privacy and are much more neutral politically.  Sometimes people find a better quality of life or opportunities for their business or family elsewhere.

Countries That Allow Israelis to Buy Passports

Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh has local and international partners with whom we work closely to match our client with a country based on the client’s specifications.  Different countries have different stipulations, some allowing for a quick citizenship process, others first requiring residence and then citizenship.

The main areas for countries that allow citizenship by investment are the Caribbean, a few EU countries, and a few North American countries.  Those that allow this are Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Dominica, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  Depending on the country, the cost can range from as low as $100,000 in Dominica (although most of the other low-range countries start at around $250,000) up to $2.5 million.

Our Law Firm

Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law firm has more than 30 years of experience with immigration and visa issues.  We assist numerous clients with immigration needs to Israel, the US, the UK, Canada and more, and we know that this can be a long, time-consuming process.  We are committed to providing excellent, quality service to our clients, and we only take cases where there is a high chance of success.

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If you have questions about Israelis buying passports, feel free to contact us.  Advocate Joshua Pex or one of our other partners specializing in Israelis buying passports to other countries would be happy to help.

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