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Israelis and Caribbean Citizenship

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This article addresses Israelis and Caribbean citizenship, particularly how Israelis can buy Caribbean citizenship.  Most citizenship investment programs (sometimes called investment migration) require a minimum investment of $250,000. This is becoming an increasingly desirable option, especially for people from the Middle East.

Why Israelis Want Caribbean Citizenship

Israelis and Caribbean Citizenship, citizenship by investment, Israeli lawyer, Jerusalem lawyerThere are numerous reasons why Israelis want Caribbean citizenship.  A few of these reasons include: diversifying assets, being eligible for tax discounts, obtaining a better quality of life, living in a country that affords more privacy or security, obtaining more mobility through a visa that allows for better travel options, and more.  

What to Know about Israelis and Caribbean Citizenship

Grenada is a country that recently re-allowed citizenship by investment, and with a passport from Grenada, one can travel to 121 countries, including the EU without a visa.  It also has the option for an E-2 investor visa to the US, and visa-free access to China. The purchaser must be willing to invest $350,000 in real estate, which they must hold for three years, or make a non-refundable contribution of $200,000 to the National Transformation Fund to help develop Grenada’s economy.  The application should receive an answer within 60 days of submission.

St. Kitts and Nevis allows Israelis to get citizenship within four to nine months, and requires a minimum of $$250,000 investment.  A passport from here will allow visa-free travel to 131 countries.

Dominica allows Israelis to get citizenship within eight weeks, and it requires a $100,000 donation.  A passport from here allows visa-free travel to 113 countries.

Antigua and Barbuda allows Israelis to get citizenship within three to four months following a $200,000 donation.  This passport allows visa-free travel to 133 countries.

Our Law Firm

Our law firm has offices in Jerusalem Tel Aviv, to provide convenient services to our clients.  We specialize in immigration to Israel, the US, Canada, the UK, and more, and we know how long of a process it can be to immigrate to another country. 

We are committed to providing quality service to each and every client, and we only take cases where we see a high chance of citizenship.  We work with local and international partners to ensure a smooth and easy process, and we have a high track record of success.

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If you have any questions about Israelis and Caribbean citizenship or citizenship by investment, please contact us.  Advocate Joshua Pex or one of our other partners specializing in Israelis and Caribbean citizenship would be happy to help.

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