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Israeli Work Visa – What You Should Know

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This article addresses what you should know about an Israeli work visa.

Israeli Work Visa and Other Visa Types

Israeli work visa

Israeli law concerning work visas is rather strict, which is a reflection of Israel’s strict immigration regulations, greatly limiting who can settle and work in the country. The Israeli Minister of Interior is responsible for the Department of Immigration to Israel, including issuing visas to Israel, like tourist visas (B-2 visas), temporary and permanent residency status, aliyah and Israeli citizenship, and finally, work visas in Israel.

In order to obtain a work visa, it is essential for the employer who is requesting to hire the foreign worker, to establish the real and specific need for a foreign worker to come to the country.  Israel issues a number of work visas on a regular basis. For example, it is common to see a work permit issued to caretakers, and there are approximately 50,000 foreign workers in the country, mostly from the Philippines, often caring for elderly and sick Israelis. Most other Israeli work visa types are much more limited in number, but it is not uncommon to see Israeli work visas issued for construction workers, agricultural workers, and restaurant staff like specialized chefs or cooks for Asian restaurants.

Work Visas for Foreign Expert Workers

Israel usually issues a few thousand work visas on an annual basis to foreign expert workers who are skilled in industry or technology companies. As Israel does not wish to allocate jobs to foreign workers in general, an institution seeking to bring an expert worker into the country must prove that this expert worker will help expand a business to hire more local workers. Most Israeli foreign expert worker visas are issued to people working in industry and high-tech, but not exclusively, as foreign athletes/coaches, lecturers, researchers, or professors, medical interns or doctors, artistsCEOs and managers, can also receive an Israeli work visa.

The Process to Obtain an Israeli Work Visa

In order to obtain an Israeli work visa, the local employer seeking to bring a foreign expert worker must apply on the worker’s behalf in the Israeli Ministry of Interior’s permit department in Jerusalem. It is generally helpful to hire an Israeli immigration lawyer to assist in the process to ensure the highest possible chances of success.

Essentially, the request is sent to the Ministry of Interior to convince the reviewing committee that the Israeli work visa for a foreign expert worker is necessary. Once the work permit is approved and the B-1 visa issued, only then is the foreign expert worker allowed to enter Israel to begin working.

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