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Israeli Work Visa for a Foreign Doctor

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This article discusses how to get an Israeli work visa for a foreign doctor or medical intern.

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Israeli Work Visa for a Foreign Doctor or Medical Intern

In the event that a hospital wishes to obtain an Israeli work visa for a foreign doctor or an Israeli work visa for a medical intern, it is permitted to apply for a foreign expert work visa on the foreign expert’s behalf.  The Israeli government is willing to issue work visas for individuals who specialize in their field, although this number is limited so as not to take jobs from Israelis.  However, in the event that a foreign expert is necessary and there are not Israelis who are able to fulfill the position, Israel will consider issuing the foreign expert visa for a doctor and up to 50 permits per year for medical employees who are not doctors.  These visas are valid for a maximum of two years at a time.  It is important to note that the hospital applying for a visa on behalf of a foreign expert doctor or medical intern must also include a recommendation from the Ministry of Health.  

In order to read more about the general procedure involved in obtaining a foreign expert visa along with the mandatory documents for submission, see our article on the B/1 Israeli expert visa.

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