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Israeli Visa for International Journalists

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This article addresses how one can obtain an Israeli visa for international journalists.

Israeli Visa for International Journalists

The Initial Process

The Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) is responsible for issuing both press cards and Israeli visas to international journalists. One of the best ways to obtain an Israeli visa for international journalists is to come to the country on a tourist visa and then work toward your status as a working international journalist in Israel within a few short weeks of your arrival.  It is important to note, however, that when an international journalist comes to Israel on a tourist visa, it is important not to embark on work in Israel, as this is a criminal offense and can prevent future work as an international journalist in Israel.

Once in the Country

Once the international journalist has entered Israel on a tourist visa, he or she can apply for a temporary press card through the GPO office.  We discuss more on different types of press cards for longer and shorter durations of time elsewhere on our website. In short — if a media outlet employs the international journalist, they will apply on the journalists behalf.  If it is the first time the journalist is applying for a press card, they will be subject to a simple security review to ensure they are not a threat to the state, they have never been deported, and they do not come from a hostile nation. If you have questions about this security review, it is worthwhile noting that the GPO can be flexible on some of these issues if there is a good explanation for them.  Any application rejections can also be appealed.

A Temporary Press Card

Once the international journalist in Israel has submitted the application for the temporary press card, they will generally hear back in a short amount of time.  The temporary press card will allow the journalist to work for a few months. During this time, the media outlet or journalist can apply for a B-1 visa.

B-1 Visa – Israeli Visa for International Journalists

The B-1 Israeli work visa is issued by the Ministry of Interior.  We provide more information on the B-1 visa on our website, and we have helped numerous clients apply for these visas.

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If you have any questions on obtaining an Israeli visa for international journalists or if you have other questions regarding press cards or visas to Israel, please contact us. Advocate Michael Decker specializes in immigration law, and he helps numerous clients successfully navigate the bureaucratic procedures to successfully obtain their work or other status in Israel.

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