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Public Endowments in Israeli Non-Profit Organizations

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex


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Israeli non-profit organizations are sometimes appointed as trustees of public endowments (hekdeshim), and this article discusses some of the procedures for public endowments in Israeli non-profit organizations.

This Series of Posts

Our legal team at our law office has experience in a variety of fields, including Israeli non-profit law.  This article on Israeli non-profit organizations and public endowments is one in a long series addressing many important issues for non-profits or charitable organizations (an amutah in singular and amutot in plural) in Israel.  This series addresses proper and legal management of non-profit organizations in Israel in order to assist you in managing your Israeli non-profit organization.

For more information on the Israeli Corporations Authority, which oversees Israeli non-profit organizations, see the government website.  For more articles from an Israeli lawyer and legal advice for Israeli non-profit organizations related to the topic of this article, see our articles about the Israeli Corporations Authority, the amutah as a dual purpose body and an in-depth audit.

What Are Public Endowments in Israeli Non-Profit Organizations?

public endowments in Israeli non-profit

A public endowment is an asset (not an organization or corporation) that an individual or entity gives for the public good, and the individual or entity often gives particular instructions about how to use the asset.  The individual or entity granting the asset often appoints a trustee to help ensure the public asset is used as instructed.

What Is a Trustee?

A trustee is an individual or entity that is given responsibility for administering the particular instructions for the public endowment.

In Israel trustees are required to register public endowments with the Registrar of Endowments (hekdeshim).

Instructions for Public Endowments in Israeli Non-Profit Organizations

In many cases the individual or entity giving the public endowment will forbid the use of the asset, but instead they will say that the profits of the asset can be used for a particular purpose.  For example, the profits obtained from the granted asset can be used for student scholarships.  The trustee is then in charge of distributing the scholarships.

An Amutah as a Trustee

Many times an individual donor or other entity will appoint an Israeli non-profit organization (Israeli amutah) as the trustee for a particular asset.  If this happens, then the Israeli non-profit organization is required to register this at the Registrar of Endowments.  Additionally, the Israeli non-profit organization is required to report on the public endowment it administers in its annual financial statement.

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