In this article Advocate Alex Brosh, a lawyer in matters of inheritance from Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law firm, will present the benefits of obtaining legal advice from an Israeli inheritance lawyer on any matter related to inheritance and wills in Israel.

No one knows when their day will come to leave this world, but you can control, while still alive, how your relatives will use your estate after your death.

Signing of Your Last Will and Testament

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A person’s estate refers to any property that person owns and has the ability to leave to others after passing away. A common example of an estate is real estate property, an apartment or house which is transferable to family members after the testator’s death. Nevertheless, the estate can include any real estate property, personal (movable) property, intellectual property, and more.

It is common knowledge that any inheritance issue can lead to disagreements between family members and relatives of the deceased. That is, if the deceased did not succeed in settling the matter clearly. Unfortunately, in many families it is actually a potentially explosive issue, fertile ground for longstanding conflicts and serious disputes. Therefore, it is recommended that the matter of inheritance be arranged clearly by an inheritance lawyer before the death of the testator.

Implementation of a Will In Israel

Drafting a Will

In Israel, the most recommended way to manage matters of inheritance is by drafting a will. There are different types of wills. Although you can write a will without a lawyer, we recommend that you use the professional services of an Israeli inheritance lawyer in the process of drafting a legal, formal will. Consultation with an attorney may prevent inheritance disputes and fights down the road.

Stand Up for Your Rights – Retaining Your Share of the Deceased Person’s Estate

If you are already at the stage where you are forced to take legal action to defend your right to the deceased person’s estate, you can certainly demand to receive legal advice from an inheritance lawyer, before the Inheritance Registrar or before the relevant legal court. Legal inheritance disputes may be long-lasting and difficult, so it is important to choose a suitable inheritance lawyer to receive professional legal advice. A knowledgeable inheritance lawyer taps into inheritance laws in Israel and recent court rulings in the areas necessary for success in the case and winning your fair share of the deceased person’s estate.

Filing an Objection to an Inheritance Order

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