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Israeli Foreign Expert Worker Visa for UAE and Other Persian Gulf Residents 

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Joshua Pex

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In the United Arab Emirate and different Persian Gulf countries there are world renowned experts in various fields, including energy, technology and finance. The normalization of relations with Israel will now create new opportunities for business cooperation between the countries. This article will explain the legal process for obtaining an Israeli foreign expert worker visa for UAE and other Persian Gulf residents, which will enable them to travel to Israel and work here.

Our law offices specialize in matters related to both corporate law and immigration to Israel. The firm has extensive experience in representing clients in procedures for obtaining a foreign expert worker visa. Below we will elaborate on the particular procedure regarding experts from the UAE and the Persian Gulf.

In What Fields are Experts from the UAE and the Persian Gulf Needed in Israel?

The Persian Gulf countries are rich in natural resources (mainly crude oil and natural gas). Accordingly, in those countries there are world renowned experts in the field of energy. Israel has recently become a “rising star” in the energy businesses, when natural gas resources were found in its fields. There is a high motivation for developing this field in Israel, and locating new energy sources. Thus, cooperation between Israeli and GCC firms and entrepreneurs seems only natural.

Such cooperation wasn’t possible until recently, due to the lack of official economic relations between the countries. Fortunately, the 2020 peace agreement between Israel, UAE and Bahrain, as well as normalization of relations with other Persian Gulf countries, changed the situation completely. The new reality created many opportunities for collaboration between firms and entrepreneurs from those countries. 

Israeli foreign expert worker visa for UAE & other Persian Gulf residentsThis is relevant not only in the field of energy, but in other fields as well, like technology, high tech and finance. There are experts in all these fields in the UAE and Persian Gulf countries, and Israeli firms may now invite them to work in Israel.

How Can Foreign Experts from the UAE or Persian Gulf Countries Come to Israel and Work Here?

If foreigners wish to work as experts in their field, they should apply for a foreign expert worker visa before their arrival in Israel. The Israel Ministry of interior has an orderly procedure which deals with inviting foreign experts to work for Israeli firms and obtaining foreign expert worker visas for them.

The Israeli employers who are interested in inviting foreign experts are those who should apply for the visa. The application form should be accompanied by several documents, including a printout with the employer’s details from the Israeli Company Registrar or Partnership Registrar. Applicants must also submit the expert’s CV and certificates attesting to their education and expertise. If the certificates are not originally written in English or Hebrew, they require an official notarized translation. The application fee is currently 1,190 ILS (approx. 350 USD).

Is There an Expedited Procedure for Obtaining a Foreign Expert Worker Visa for UAE and Persian Gulf Residents?

Yes. Processing the application on the regular track may take a relatively long time. Said track requires the filing of many applications that will be strictly reviewed. If there is an urgent necessity of inviting a foreign expert from Persian Gulf countries, you can apply via the expedited procedure, in which a 45-day expert worker visa may be obtained. You can read more about it in an our article on the subject.

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The attorneys of our law offices in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, specialize in both corporate law and immigration law. Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling visa applications for foreign experts, for the purpose of working in Israel. We will be happy to assist in any matter regarding an Israeli foreign expert worker visa for UAE and Other GCC Residents. You can contact us via the email or telephone numbers below. 

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