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Israeli Expert Worker and Common Law Marriage

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Joshua Pex

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This article will address the issue of an Israeli expert worker and common law marriage, particularly as it relates to the expert worker’s partner (and their children, if they have any).  Many times foreign expert workers seek to bring their partner to Israel with them. This article addresses Israeli regulations on this process.

Visas & Israeli Expert Worker and Common Law Marriage Issues

Worker and Common Law MarriageIsrael does not recognize common law marriages with regard to foreign expert workers, thus foreign expert workers who have a common law marriage may not bring their partner and children to Israel with them. The Israeli Ministry of Interior only permits legally married partners (along with their children) to accompany the Israeli foreign worker. If the legally married partner (and children) wish to accompany the expert foreign worker to Israel, they will be granted a year-long B2 tourist visa with multiple-entry options so they can travel to and from Israel during this time. The partner will not be issued a work visa.

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