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Israeli Expert Work Permit vs. Negotiations


Joshua Pex

This article addresses the Israeli expert work permit and when it is not needed for negotiations.

Israeli Expert Work Permit

Working without an Israeli Expert Work Permit

There are serious penalties for individuals and companies who seek to work in Israel without the proper permits and work visas.  Foreign workers can face detention upon entry to Israel and even deportation, and subsequently be denied entry to Israel for ten years.  The company can face fines for having illegal employees, and this can also prevent future approval of a company’s request to bring in foreign expert workers to Israel.  It is essential that foreign workers and the companies that seek to employ them follow the processes stipulated by the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

The Israeli Expert Work Permit and Negotiations

Foreign experts can come to Israel from countries that have visa-waiver policies, meaning they can arrive in Israel and receive a tourist visa at the border without having to apply for one ahead of time. On the other hand, foreign expert workers can come to Israel from countries that do not have visa-waiver policies, meaning they must apply for and obtain a visa to enter the country ahead of time.  

It is important to note that those seeking to do any sort of work in Israel must not enter Israel on a tourist visa.  Those seeking to work must obtain an Israeli expert work permit and a B1 visa in advance.  This process can take various amounts of time depending on the visa type, but it is possible to obtain an expedited expert visa in as short as six days!

When a foreign expert is coming to Israel on business negotiations, it is possible to enter the country on a tourist visa.  It is, however, important that the Israeli company the expert is working with does not issue payment for the work. If the Israeli company issues the payment, then the foreign worker must have a B1 visa and an Israeli expert work permit.

More Information

For more information on the B1 expert work visa, exemptions, extensions, tips, and more, you can find more articles on visas and foreign experts working with companies in our immigration law and corporate law sections of our website.

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