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Israeli Company Merger

Reasons for a Merger of Companies in Israel

There are numerous reasons why one may seek a merger of companies in Israel to pass on their assets, rights and duties to another existing company. The reasons when this can be advantageous include, among others:

-To improve its market share by absorbing a competitor
-To save on production costs
-To simplify cooperation between two companies by creating a single structure
-To take over a company that is having financial or other difficulties

The Double Approval of the Israeli Company Merger

Israeli law mandates a process of double approval so that both the acquired and acquiring company indicate their endorsement of the proposed merger. In accordance with the law, both companies must validate the merger through a management committee at a general meeting. The merger proposal must then be jointly signed by legal representatives of each company.

Steps in an Israeli Company Merger

There are a number of important steps in a merger of companies in Israel. 

The publication of the merger

Subsequent to the approval of the merger by the two entities, it will be necessary to inform the Companies Registrar. In addition, creditors for whom a guarantee has been issued must be notified of the ongoing merger process, while unsecured creditors will be informed through advertisements published in at least two daily newspapers.

The creditor opposition

The creditors of the merged companies may, if they feel their interests are threatened by this procedure, oppose it by sending a request to the relevant courts. In particular, where the creditors consider that the acquiring company will no longer be able to repay its debts and that claim is justified, the court may order the termination of the merger proceedings.

The consequences of the merger

In the absence of opposition from potential creditors and provided that the management committees of the two entities approve this procedure, the merger will be effective and registered in the Trade Registrar. The assets and the rights and liabilities of the absorbed company, such as mortgages registered in the Companies Registrar, will then form an integral part of the absorbing company. It will be up to the latter to answer legally on behalf of the absorbed company.


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