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Israeli Amutah – Standard Amutah Bylaws

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Recommended Bylaws for an Israeli Amutah (Nonprofit Organization)

CAmutot registration amutah

Our law offices practice Israeli NGO law. The most common way to act as a nonprofit organization in Israel is under an Israeli amutah.

Our attorneys at our law office will be glad to legally assist in the process of amutah registration as well as any legal issue that has to do with Rasham HaAmutot (Registrar of Amutot), the Israeli governmental authority that oversees the function of the Israeli amutah. The Registrar of Amutot is a department of the Ministry of Justice and situated in Jerusalem.

The Registrar of Amutot has published the standard common bylaws according to which any Israeli amutah must function. These bylaws may be changed by the amutah, but the basic requirements are mandatory.

How Does an Israeli Amutah Function?

The Israeli amutah is established by at least two founders, who become part of the first board of directors. The founders of an amutah are members of it from the day the amutah is registered in the amutot registry.

A person who wishes to be a member of the Israeli amutah will submit a request to the board. The decision whether to accept or not to accept the person as a member of the amutah is in the hands of the board. If the board refuses to accept the person, he/she may appeal the refusal in front of the next general assembly. A member of an amutah may participate and vote in every general assembly and will have one voice in each vote; he/she may elect and be elected to the board and audit committee.

The general assembly of an Israeli amutah gathers at least once a year. A regular general assembly of an Israeli amutah hears reports regarding the actions of the board and the audit committee, discusses them and the financial report which is submitted by the board, decides whether to approve them, and chooses the board and audit committee. Decisions of the general assembly of an Israeli amutah are made according to majority voices of the voters, unless the law or bylaws demand a different majority for the decisions to be made. If the vote is equal, the chairman of the meeting will decide.

The board of directors of the Israeli amutah members will be decided by the general assembly. The board must have a minimum of two members. The board makes decisions regarding the functions of the Israeli amutah. The board serves from its election by the general assembly and until a different general assembly chooses a new board, the departing board member may be elected to the new board. The board member may resign at any time by a statement in writing to the board; the board member will no longer serve if he/she has been declared incompetent or insolvent. Board decisions must be made by majority vote. In the event that a decision is unanimously agreed upon, decisions can be made without a board meeting.

The audit committee of the Israeli amutah will sign financial statements of the Israeli amutah submitted once a year to the Registrar of Amutot.

If you have any questions regarding Israeli NGO law or Israeli amutah registration please contact us.

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