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If you need an Israeli advocate who specializes in immigration to Israel, immigration to the US, immigration to Canada, immigration to the UK, Spanish/Portuguese citizenship, corporate and commercial law, labor law, inheritance law, or non-profit law, then our law firm Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh can help!  

Israeli Advocate

Israeli Advocate – How We Can Help You

We know it is challenging to find the right Israeli advocate for your needs, so we have 10 tips to help you find your Israeli advocate. We believe in helping our clients address their legal needs quickly, professionally, and at a reasonable cost.  Israeli law is administered by the Ministry of Justice, and we have a few areas that we specialize in as a law firm.  

Our Areas of Specialization

Immigration to Israel: We can help with many issues related to immigration to Israel, including aliyah and a variety of visas, including expert worker visas, temporary worker visas, volunteer visas, student visas, clergy visas and more.  For free legal advice on many of these issues, see our immigration article series.

Immigration to the United States:  We also specialize in immigration to the US, assisting with immigration or visa processes. For free advice on these issues, among others, see our US immigration article series.

Immigration to Canada: We have an Israeli advocate on our team who specializes in all immigration issues to Canada.  This includes visas to Canada, obtaining a Canadian passport, and more.  This website should be updated shortly with a section providing free advice on immigration to Canada.

Immigration to the United Kingdom: Some of our advocates focus on immigration to the UK, including getting a British passport, obtaining a UK investor visa, and more.  To read more information that relates to UK immigration, see our UK immigration article series.

Israeli Real Estate and Property Law: We have an Israeli advocate who focuses on everything property, land, and real estate related.  To see some free legal advice on real estate related issues, see our real estate article series.

Spanish and Portuguese Citizenship: There are specific requirements for Spanish and Portuguese citizenship, and if you think you qualify, we can help.  To see a few articles on the topic, see our Spanish/Portuguese article series.

Corporate and Commercial Law: We also specialize in corporate and commercial law. This can relate to foreign expert worker visas, opening an Israeli company, and more. To read a number of articles under this legal field, see our corporate and commercial article series.

Israeli Labor Law: We have an Israeli advocate who focuses on labor laws, both for employers and employees. To see some of the issues we address for our clients, see our labor law article series.

Israeli Inheritance Law: We have an Israeli advocate who specializes in all areas of Israeli inheritance law. To get free legal advice on commonly asked questions related to inheritance, see our inheritance law article series.

Israeli Non-Profit Law: We also have an Israeli advocate who specializes in non-profit law.  We provide free legal advice on numerous issues related to non-profits on our website in our non-profit article series.

Contact An Israeli Advocate Today!

If you require legal assistance in any of the legal fields mentioned above, contact us today!  One of our Israeli advocates would be happy to be in touch soon.

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