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Israel Visit Visa Fees


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Israel Visit Visa Fees

A B/2 tourist visa to Israel is for visitors who wish to enter Israel only for a short time. Citizens of the USA, EU countries and other nations that Israel has signed agreements with don’t need a visa to Israel in advance. They receive the B-2 visitor visa upon entrance to Israel. On the other hand, nationals of other countries who are not exempt from obtaining a visa in advance, must apply for a B-2 tourist visa in order to visit Israel. In this case, there are Israel visit visa fees involved in the process that applicants have to pay, if they are not citizens of visa-free countries. The purpose of visit can be tourism, a business or professional meeting, or pursuing education or a course of study in an Israeli Hebrew Ulpan. Anyone who enters Israel on a B/2 tourist visa is not permitted to work in the country.

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An Israeli B/2 tourist visa is valid for up to 3 months from the date it is issued to the visitor. The Border Police at points of entry to Israel have the right to determine the duration of the visit and stay in the country, or even refuse entrance to Israel for various reasons. After entering Israel, a person who wants to extend their stay in the country may file an application and pay the necessary Israel visa fees at one of the offices of regional population administration under the Ministry of the Interior.

How to extend the period of an Israel visit visa?

Any foreign national currently in Israel with a valid B/2 tourist visa can apply for a visa extension. The process of Israel visa extension is handled by the local Ministry of Interior office (“Misrad Hapnim“) department of immigration. Submitting the application requires:

  • A foreign passport, valid for least six months after the date the person is requesting to stay in Israel.
  • A recently taken passport-size photo.
  • A flight ticket, and proof of means of support.
  • A letter of explanation, stating the reasons behind filing the request. This also includes relevant documents that support the reasons stated in the application.

What additional documents are required?

The Ministry of Interior may request additional documents before approving the application for an extension of a person’s Israeli B/2 tourist visa. These may include:

  • When applying for a visa extension on the basis of an invitation received from a friend or family member who is a citizen of Israel, the applicant must attach a letter of concrete reason and aid, along with a photocopy of ID proof of the person issuing the invitation.
  • When applying for a visa extension for medical purposes, the applicant must provide the necessary verifying documents and certificates from the medical institution or hospital offering treatment to the person requesting for an extension. These documents must state the applicant’s health at the time of making the request, and an estimate of the treatment period. These documents have to be valid at least a month before placing the request.
  • When applying for a visa extension for for legal proceedings, the applicant must submit documents verifying the continuation of the proceedings beyond the date authorized initially. This includes court summons, deliberation dates, and written verification from the attorney that the applicant’s presence in the country is a necessity.
  • When applying for a visa extension for a minor, written permission from both parents of the minor must be provided. This also includes citizens of those countries that are exempted from the need to have an entry visa to Israel.
  • Applicants requesting a visa extension under “Right of Return” are required to provide necessary supporting documents, as per the procedure laid down to change the status from a visitor to that of a new immigrant.

How to apply for a B-2 Israeli tourist visa extension?

To apply for an extension of a B/2 tourist visa to Israel, applicants must first schedule an appointment with the Population and Immigration Authority visa department. They can use the online service for this purpose. However, it’s important to note that the online service cannot schedule an appointment for verifying biometric documents.

Next, the applicant needs to take a printout of the tourist visa extension form and fill out all the details asked in it. They can even choose to fill the application form out at their appointment. Here is the link to the application form.

The application form is available in two languages, namely English and Hebrew. To change the language, click on the globe icon located on the top of the application form. Some of fields are in Hebrew regardless of the chosen language. Seeking assistance from somebody who speaks the language in advisable.

After completing the form, submit it along with the necessary documents by visiting the Population and Immigration Authority office in person. The form can also be submitted at an Israeli mission nearest to the applicant’s residence.

Service fees

The extension of Israel visit visa fees is NIS 175. Applicants can pay these Israel visa fees using their credit card. They can also use someone else’s credit car, provided the holder of the card accompanies them to the authority office. It is important to note that citizens of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Holland are exempt from paying the extension fee for two to twelve months from the date they enter Israel.

Other points to note

When applying for a B/2 tourist visa extension, a tourist for whom a bank deposit was created to make sure they exit Israel, must request for an extension on the security deposit when asking for an extension of their stay in the country.

In circumstances where the applicant is eligible for a visa extension under the provision of “Right of Return”, they must have a passport that is valid for another three months only.

Dual-nationality Palestinian nationals and their spouses generally get a visa extension or stamp that bears a restriction that limits their travel and stay to regions falling within the administration of the West Bank. Written permits from the relevant authorities in Israel must be obtain to enter Israel and Jerusalem.

Such visitors should apply for an extension of their visa through the Ministry of Interior District Coordination Office under the Palestinian Authority located in Ramallah. This organization is responsible for coordinating with the Israeli government on behalf of the travelers. You can read more about entrance of Palestinians to Israeli, in this article, on our website.

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