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General Information about the Israeli Immigration Office

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Israel Immigration Office

Are you dealing with the Israeli immigration office? If so, you may want to know some general information on the Israel immigration office, which is called Misrad HaPanim in Hebrew, meaning the Ministry of Interior Affairs. In this article, Advocate Joshua Pex, an Israeli immigration lawyer, gives some basic information on the Israel immigration office.

The Israel immigration office is the Israeli government agency which handles all issues of immigration to Israel. The head of the Israel immigration office is appointed by the Minister of Interior, who is a Minister appointed by the Israeli Prime Minister. The Minister of Interior himself may change every few years, as is customary in Israeli politics. However, the head of the department of immigration within the Ministry of Interior office, as well as the clerks who work in different positions in the immigration department, are likely to stay in their position for the long term.

Legal Authority

The legal authority of the Israeli immigration office stems from Israeli immigration laws, statutes, and regulations, as well as court decisions on Israeli immigration issues. The laws that govern immigration to Israel are few. However, the Israeli immigration office regulations are extensive. Moreover, a large body of Israeli court decisions and Israeli Supreme Court legal precedents create the legal foundation of Israeli immigration law.

Israel Immigration Office Departments

Israel immigration office - Misrad Hapnim

The Israeli immigration office is a large government agency and divided into different departments with different responsibilities.

The Visa Department of the Israeli immigration office processes all requests for visas to Israel.

The Citizenship Department is responsible for reviewing Israeli citizenship requests.

The Aliyah Department will determine whether an applicant for aliyah to Israel, according to the Law of Return, may receive Israeli citizenship as an oleh.

The Border Control Department of the Israeli immigration office is responsible for monitoring the entrance and exit at the border crossings of Israel.

The Enforcement Department is the Israeli immigration office agency which is responsible to enforce decisions of the Israeli immigration clerks. The main task of this department is to carry out deportation from Israel orders and keep foreign citizens who are residing in Israel without a valid status in detention centers, until they can be deported from Israel.

The Department for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel has been established in order to process all applications made in Israel by those who claim they cannot return to their country due to danger to their lives and thus ask for asylum in Israel.

The Department of Freedom of Information will review requests of the public to receive information allowed by Israeli law regarding the conduct of the Israeli immigration office.

The Public Relations Department of the Israeli immigration office is responsible for contact with local and international media in order to represent the actions of the Israeli immigration authority to the public in a clear way.

The Legal Department of the Israeli immigration office consists of lawyers who review applications which pose legal questions, give legal advice to the clerks of the immigration authority, and represent Misrad HaPanim in court.

Location of the Israel Immigration Office

The main office of the Israeli immigration authority is located in Jerusalem, but local offices are spread throughout Israel in order to provide services to customers around the country. The head office of the Israeli immigration office is not open to the public. Applications and requests are sent by fax or mail to the head office of Misrad HaPanim in Jerusalem.

If you need assistance with the Israel immigration office, please contact us.משרד עורך דין בפתח תקווה  We also provide numerous resources on all issues related to immigration and visa issues, which can be found in our “Immigration to Israel” articles on our website. 

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