Israel Immigration Lawyer – USA Visa

This article addresses legal assistance by an Israel immigration lawyer related to a USA visa.  Israel Immigration Lawyer - USA Visa

How We Can Help You

Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law offices have immigration lawyers with over 30 years of experience successfully assisting private and corporate clients with their immigration needs. Whether you are a private individual seeking a USA visa or a company seeking work visas for your staff, we can help you. We have experienced lawyers with extensive backgrounds working in both the Israel immigration system and the US immigration system.  

We know it can be hard to choose a lawyer in Israel as there are numerous lawyers in the country. We’ve put together a short guide to choosing the best lawyer for your needs.

USA Visa Issues

Our law firm can help Israeli individuals and companies with immigration and visas to the United States, obtaining US passports, permanent residency, Green Cards, visas for family members, immigration for workers who are in demand in the US, other various non-immigrant visas to the US, tourist visas, investor visas and assistance for start-up companies, legal advice for companies seeking to relocate to the US, assistance if a visa is denied due to a criminal background, help if someone overstays their visa in the US, and more.  

On our website we provide numerous free legal resources related to USA visas and other immigration issues related to the USA that are of interest to our Israeli clients. Please see our list of articles to see some of the issues we frequently address.

Contact an Israel Immigration Lawyer – USA Visa

If you need help with any issue related to immigration and USA visas, please contact us.  

Advocate James Cohen is an Israeli-American citizen who specializes in helping Israelis with US immigration issues, and he would be happy to discuss any legal concerns with you.

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