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The importance of choosing an appropriate Israeli lawyer

Today in Israel there are a large number of attorneys who specialize in various fields and levels. As of 2020, we have around 80,000 registered lawyers in Israel, although not all of them actively practice law.

In order to properly select an attorney in Israel, we must ensure that the lawyer we chose is indeed knowledgeable and specialized in the legal field that is relevant to the service we need. Often, we choose attorney who is not sufficiently specialized and knowledgeable in our particular field. Therefore, it is important to make sure that we have selected an Israel attorney who is indeed proficient and well versed in the field. A bad choice can result in an undesirable legal outcome.

How to choose an attorney in Israel correctly? Fast, reliable and professional legal service

Beyond the important point of finding a lawyer specializing in the legal field relevant to our matter, it is important to find a lawyer who is able to respond promptly to the legal developments in the case. Choosing a trustworthy, professional, dedicated and responsive lawyer to handle your legal case is the most appropriate way to deal with legal issues. The ability to respond quickly and professionally to any problem that occurs in the process has a significant impact on legal developments and can also have an impact on the outcome of the entire process.

The personal touch – a lawyer that understands you as a person

Another important part, which also belongs to the professional aspect, concerns the personal, human and caring attitude of the lawyer and the whole legal team towards the clients. Especially in areas of legal practice whose outcome is important and sometimes the quality of life or the future of a client is at stake. The lawyer’s ability to show sensitivity creates a sense of security in the legal process he’s dealing with, as well as secure and stable ground for cooperation and agreements between the client and the lawyer who represents him.

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The law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh practices several areas of Israeli law, including: Immigration and Aliyah to Israel, Israeli inheritance law, UK immigration law, Portuguese passports for Sephardic descendants, Immigration to the US and Canada, Israeli Real Estate, Corporate Law and Labor in Israel, Notary Public services in Israel, Torts and more.

Our staff has rich experience and successful handling of hundreds satisfied customers. We offer personal, professional and courteous guidance throughout the legal process.

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