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Inviting a business visitor to Israel


Michael Decker

In recent years the Israeli economy has greatly improved, thanks to the flourishing hi-tech sector and globalization process. As international companies expand their activities in the Holy Land, they require more foreign workers and business visitors. Businesspersons want to visit Israel for a variety of reasons; attending conferences, business meetings, signing contracts, negotiations, or other business activity.

The law office of Cohen, Decker, Pex and Brosh specializes in immigration to Israel. If your company is interested in obtaining a work visa for a business visitor to Israel, particularly those from countries with which the state of Israel does not have a visa-free entry agreement, we can help you.

Inviting a business visitor to Israel

Inviting a business visitor to IsraelIf a visitor is from a state with which Israel has a visa agreement, then the expedited procedure for inviting foreign experts for a period of up to 45 days should be followed. The expedited process is the simplest way to gain a visa that will allow entry into Israel quickly and with minimal expense.

If a visitor is suspected of intending to work and settle in Israel, there is a chance of them being denied entry. Therefore, in order to avoid this risk, it is advisable to arrange a work visa according to the expedited procedure.

However, there are many countries that Israel does not have a visa agreement with. Regardless, business visitors from these countries come to Israel every year. If you are an Israeli comany or individual and want to invite a business visitor who holds a passport of a country which doesn’t have a visa free agreement with Israel, you’ll have to arrange a B-2 tourist visa in advance. The business visit invitation for the visitor is submitted at the Ministry of interior office (Misrad Hapnim). In addition, you will need to explain the purpose of the business visit and attach various documents confirming said purpose. Please note that the Israeli Ministry of the Interior, which handles the request, will probably require you to deposit a bank guarantee to ensure the business visitor leaves Israel before their visa expires.

Countries whose citizens must obtain a pre-entry visa:

  •     Turkey
  •     China
  •     Bosnia
  •     Indonesia
  •     Malaysia
  •     India
  •     Thailand
  •     Vietnam
  •     Armenia
  •     Madagascar

For the full list of exempt countries, check the following link (courtesy of Wikipedia).

Two types of visas:

A B-1 visa will allow temporary employment in Israel. Every foreign citizen who wants to work in Israel is required to obtain this work permit. This type of visa is specific and provided for any type of employee, whether he is a foreign expert or not. Acquiring this permit is more complex and requires early preparation of several months in advance (unless for those who qualify for the expedite program) while meeting a considerable number of criteria.

A B-2 visa will allow entry into Israel for a visit or business purposes. This is the tourist and business visitor permit. This is the more relevant and easier to obtain visa for our purposes.

The Population and Immigration Authority’s Permit Division is the body which grants work permits in Israel.

Reasons why a business visitor can enter Israel:

  •     Attending business meetings or conferences
  •     Installing specialized equipment
  •     Training local workers
  •     Medical / communications field
  •     Academic / religious field
  •     As an interpreter
  •     Conducting business research

There are many additional situations that are left off this concise list. However, we don’t have the time to relate every possible scenario for an international business trip. The list of reasons for travel to Israel is varied and broad, but the basic rules should be understood and known in advance to provide an adequate explanation for the need of the business visitor’s entrance to Israel.

The State of Israel wants to safeguard the economic interests of the local labor market. Therefore, there are requirements that you must meet to invite a foreign business visitor to Israel. The requirements are:

  •     Provide details to the Population Authority on the date the visitor arrives in Israel and the date of departure. This includes the visitor’s day-by-day schedule throughout their stay.
  •     A letter must be sent to the Population Authority detailing the purpose of the worker’s visit to Israel and what exactly will the worker be doing while in Israel.
  •     Commitment to provide a bank guarantee if necessary.
  •     As the owners of the company, you will be required to pledge that the invited foreigner will not stay in Israel beyond the stipulated period, nor request to extend the predetermined period.
  •     A pledge that the invited foreigner will not work in Israel.

The documents you will have to sign for a business visitor.

Business visitor to Israel – Immigration lawyer law office – Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh

Our offices in Petah Tikva and Jerusalem  deal with emigration to Israel, Canada, the United Kingdom, United States, Portugal, Austria, India (including business visas for Indian businessmen) and more. We accompany Israeli and international companies in the process of granting work permits to business visitors or experts in the business sector. Contact us for assistance.

Inviting a business visitor to Israel

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