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Immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passports


Joshua Pex

Can I still immigrate to England with a Schengen area passport?

Immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passports – as you know, many Israelis hold foreign passports, in countries such as Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, etc. At present, citizens of EU countries can immigrate to England much more easily than Israelis who only have Israeli citizenship. This article by immigration attorney Joshua Pex, of the law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh explains the procedure for immigration to England for citizens of Israel who have a European Union passport.

Will Brexit affect immigration to Britain for EU citizens?

We’ve all heard of the referendum obliging Britain to withdraw from the European Union (popularly known as Brexit). The withdrawal is set to take place in March 2019. However, it is important to be aware that the current immigration policy for EU citizens is set to last until 31/12/2020. Per the current immigration policy, entry into the UK for the purpose of work, residence, or studies in Britain is open to EU citizens. Thus, immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passports is an available option for at least the next two years.

European citizens may freely enter England and apply for residency

Immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passportsCitizens of countries which are part of the European Union are given preferential treatment when immigrating to Britain. European citizens may enter the UK without a visa and stay there for up to three months, as a part of the principle of freedom of movement guaranteed to EU citizens within EU borders by the treaty. After three months, the European citizen may exercise their treaty rights to work, study, or settle in the UK, and eventually obtain permanent residency and citizenship status.

Immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passports – spouses and children

The family members (partner and children) of a European citizen who has settled in the UK, is entitled to join them in England, work, study and benefit from social services, just like any other British citizen or resident. Family members who intend to join an EU citizen in England undergo a far less onerous process than other applicants for a family visa to the UK.

Is it advisable to request an entry permit in advance or after entering the UK?

There are two options for immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passports: first, entry into Britain followed by a request their status be updated after arrival. Second, applying for an entry permit in advance. A European citizen may enter England without the need for a visa, exercise their treaty rights and settle in England along with their family. However, it is recommended to apply for a residence permit in order to prevent difficulties when entering and leaving the UK and also in order to settle your status vis-a-vis health services, educational institutions, and legal employment. In case of entry into England without prior entry permit, it is important to have your documents (translated into English) in order, so as to allow the entire family to enter the UK together. The necessary documents include: marriage certificate for your spouse, birth certificates for your children, etc.

Applying for an entry permit in advance for immigration to England

We recommend arranging your path to immigration and settling in the UK well before you relocate to England. The request is submitted to the Visas and Immigration department of the UK Home Office in Tel Aviv. A European citizen or their family are not required to pay any fee for the application. By contrast, the cost of the application for spouses of British citizens is 1,500 pounds. Please note that if your spouse is a UK citizen but also has another European citizenship, then the immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passports process done in accordance with the British immigration laws and not under the laws of the European Convention.

Processing the application takes about two months, after which the family receives a permit to enter Britain.

Applying for a temporary Residence Card

Six months after entering the UK, an application for a residence permit must be submitted, regardless of whether the entrance was made following the arrangement of the entry in advance, or without prior approval. The cost of applying for a residency card is £ 65. The application takes approximately 6 months to be processed, following which the EU citizen and their family receive a residence permit for five years.

Application for permanent residency status in Britain (indefinite leave to remain)

After five years of exercising the rights of a citizen of the European Union and their family, according to the treaty, you can apply for permanent residence in the UK. A condition for obtaining permanent residency in England, called “indefinite leave to remain” is that you must stay in England for at least six months each year during the previous five years.

Application for British Citizenship

A request for British citizenship and a passport can be submitted after a year of permanent residency. As soon as the European citizen becomes a British citizen, they are no longer entitled to exercise their rights of free movement under the European Union treaty. Therefore, it is recommended that the European citizen apply for citizenship only after his family is granted British citizenship.

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Immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passports

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