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I Want to Work in Israel

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How to work in Israel – a short guide

If you ever told yourself, “I want to work in Israel,” this guide will offer you a few valuable insights about the process you need to undergo in order to travel and work to Israel. Advocate Joshua Pex, an Israeli immigration lawyer at our Law Firm, has over 10 years of experience in the practice of immigration law to Israel. In this article you will find information regarding the possibility to obtain work in Israel.

Please note that we as lawyers are not able to help you find a job in Israel. But once you do have an employer, or else want to set up a company, or invest in a local Israeli enterprise, we are able to assist you with the process of securing the proper work visa for you and your family. We also have information about the B-5 investment visa to Israel for citizens of the USA.

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About the process – B-1 work visa to Israel

The State of Israel specifies that foreign workers do not have the right to enter Israel for work without holding a work permit – also known as a B1 visa – that has been arranged and paid for in advance. Authorities stipulate that a person carrying a tourist (B2) visa, cannot convert this visa to a work permit. Therefore, you must be careful before entering Israel with the intention of work. If the border control officials suspect that a foreign national intends to enter Israel for the purpose of work, but has not acquired the work visa in advance, this may well be cause for refusal of entry into Israel. You can read more about reasons of refusal of entry to Israel in this article on our website.

Different types of work visas to Israel

Please note that all work visas to Israel fall under the category of the B-1 work visa, even though the work itself may differ greatly. For example, foreign caretakers who help the elderly in Israel or foreign expert workers in the field of Hi-Tech and advanced technological Israel companies both hold the B-1 work visa in their passport. Business persons who enter Israel for a short visit in order to negotiate a contract, visit a partner in Israel or attend a conference may need a short term work visa, or else visit Israel using a visitor tourist visa, called the B-2 visa. You can read more about this on our website in this article.

Applying to work in Israel

Your Israeli employer must apply for you, after proving the necessity of hiring a foreign worker to the authorities. It is highly recommended to do so with the assistance of a specialized immigration lawyer. The work permits, or B1 visas, are granted for a period of one year at a time. The employment visa in Israel may be extended for up to approximately five years.

Who can apply?

Israel may issue work visas to workers in specific areas of employment; those in which there is a real need for foreign experts or lack of local Israeli candidates. For example: construction work, agriculture, caretakers for the elderly or the sick, journalism, and restaurant chefs. Expert high-tech, academia, or medicine professionals receive an expert B1 Visa. Expert visa holders may request entry visas for their spouses and children for the duration of their work permit. You can read useful tips from an Israeli immigration lawyer on the B-1 visa in this article.

Who cannot apply?

As Israel has very strict immigration laws, it denies work permits for people perceived to be at risk of settling in Israel after entering. People who are aged 60 or older cannot apply for a work permit, nor anyone who has relatives in Israel. Workers also cannot apply for a B1 visa to work at Israeli industries if they already another work permit and apply from within the country.

How to receive your visa: work abroad Israel

Once the Israeli employer has been granted approval and the work visa has been issued, the Israeli Ministry of Interior may approve (or reject) the permit and issue the B1 visa for the worker’s passport. The work visa may be sent to the Israeli consulate abroad, or the visa can be issued at the worker’s local Israeli consulate. Make sure that the visa has been properly arranged in advance since a worker is required to enter Israel with the visa, or risk being denied entry.

Fast track for B-1 expert work visa to Israel for short term workers

The treatment time of an application for a work visa might take about three months. However, there is also an expedited process for a work visa to Israel, granted to citizens of certain countries, who intend to come work in Israel for a short period of time. You can read more about the fast process to obtain a work visa in this article on our website

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Being accompanied by a law office specializing in immigration and work visas to Israel is critical to the success of a speedy, delay-free application. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the process of work visa to Israel.

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