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Issuing Hungarian Citizenship


Michael Decker

The Hungarian passport is one of the most sought after passports in the world. A Hungarian citizenship allows you to travel freely without the necessity of a visa within Europe and also to other countries worldwide where it is difficult to enter with an Israeli passport. Furthermore, holders of a Hungarian passport can work, reside and study in any country in the European Union.  A Hungarian passport can be issued with the help of the law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex and Brosh.


Hungarian citizenshipThe main law dealing with subjects of immigration to Hungary was passed in 2011. Therefore, some of the processes described are relatively “new”, and it is not easy to undergo them without the help of an expert. There are two possibilities for the purposes of issuing Hungarian citizenship under the old law – the “regular” and the “simple”.

In the case of the “regular process” – the requirement for obtaining citizenship is 8 years continuous residence in Hungary. However, the process is longer, stricter and more difficult than the “simple” option. The second, “simple”, process is deemed to be the more preferable possibility for Jews wishing to obtain Hungarian citizenship via an easier and quicker path.

Jewish roots in Hungary

The Jewish and Hungarian nations together share an ancient history. The center of the Jewish community in Europe in the past was the city of Budapest – the capital of Hungary. In that city you can also find the largest synagogue in Europe and the second largest in the world – the Dohany Synagogue.  Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism and the visionary of the idea of the Jewish state, was born and lived in Hungary. In the light of all this, it is not surprising that Jews choose to pursue Hungarian citizenship.

In accordance with the “simple process”, Jews of Hungarian origin who live in foreign countries on a permanent basis may file an application to receive Hungarian citizenship, under regulations that were enacted within the framework of the Law dated 26.5.2010.  The change in the Law is an important part of the national policy in Hungary; support of Hungarian minorities who live outside Hungary and the prevention of an advanced process of assimilation.


Who is eligible to obtain citizenship via the “simple process” and what are the conditions for filing the application? The simple track is available for applicants who have Hungarian parents or a heritage of Hungarian origin. For example, if you have a great-grandfather/grandmother, even from the 19th century, this can make you eligible for receiving Hungarian citizenship. The duration of the process can take a few months – you are only required to provide proof of a family relationship and a basic knowledge of the Hungarian language.

How can you prove that you have Hungarian ancestors?

You will be required to provide documents from the Hungarian archives, to prove that you are the descendant of emigrants who left Hungary, which our office can obtain for you. The moment you can establish and show a chain of generations, you may start the  process of emigration to Hungary. Saiddocuments can be anything that proves that you had Hungarian ancestors in the past.  These include, for example, old Hungarian documents such as a birth / marriage / death certificate of your ancestors, a soldier booklet / certificate, a certificate of registration for school or matriculation, registration of employment, synagogue documents etc.

Apart from these you will be required to declare that you do not have a criminal record under Hungarian law, and that no criminal proceeding is pending against you in a court in Hungary pending the examination of your application form.  Furthermore, the authorities will need to examine your participation in the naturalization process, and also whether your receipt of Hungarian citizenship does not violate public safety and the security of the Hungarian nation.

Hungarian citizenshipHow long does the process take?

The Present of the Hungarian Republic decides which applications for Hungarian citizenship will be accepted and which will be rejected.  The process is due to last about 3 months, but generally lasts around 6-10 months after sending the application.


Hungary is a member of the European Union; its citizens can enjoy the considerable number of benefits which are exclusive to citizens of EU countries. The following is a list of some of the most attractive advantages:

Freedom of movement:

The possibility of permanently moving all over the countries of the European Union and also countries that are signatories to the Schengen Agreement that are not members of the European Union such as Switzerland, Romania, Iceland etc.

Academic studies:

As citizens of the Union you have the possibility of studying in advanced countries such as Germany, Italy, France and others. You may study at the institutes of higher education in Europe and be eligible for a variety of educational scholarships.


Hungarian citizens are eligible to reside permanently in any of the European Union countries without any time restriction.  This includes countries such as Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Spain.There are 27 countries in the Union and they make up the bulk of the European economy.

Relocation and employment:

Hungarian citizens have the possibility of  in all the countries of the European Union legally and without any time restriction.

Investment in a business or in real estate:

You can set up a business or engage in the purchase of real estate. Furthermore, by virtue of being a holder of a European passport, no restrictions will be imposed upon you when you purchase it. In certain cases you will even receive financial assistance from the local authorities when you open a business.

Entry to countries where Israelis are not allowed to enter:

Together with the possibility of entering the Union countries without a visa, you have the possibility of entering various countries, in particular in the regions of the Middle East or South America, countries where Israelis are not allowed entry.

Consular protection:

Consular protection from European consulates in regions where there is no Hungarian or Israeli Consulate.

The legal content in the article was produced in conjunction with our partner in Hungary – Adv. Segada Miklos, Emigration Law consultant.

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The law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex and Brosh, emigration lawyers for Hungarian citizenship in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. If you possess a Hungarian family origin, it is recommended and even desirable to consult with a lawyer who is well acquainted with the Hungarian citizenship regulations. For your information, obtaining Hungarian citizenship is not a straightforward matter.  So, if your application is not accepted due to errors or unprofessional slip-ups you should know that even an expert cannot repair the damage.

For the purposes of obtaining Hungarian citizenship, price or procedure, or any question on the matter of costs, please contact our office by the telephones set out below, thank you.

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