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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Lithuanian Passport

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אירנה רוזנברג

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If you are interested in obtaining a Lithuanian passport, one of the key questions in your mind is probably ‘How Much Does It Cost To Get A Lithuanian Passport?’. Here is a closer look at the visa processing fees and the other factors that determine the cost of a European passport from Lithuania.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Lithuanian Passport

Ways to acquire citizenship of Lithuania

The cost of a Lithuanian passport can also depend on the pathway to citizenship.

European passport is one of the most powerful ones in the world. Some of the European countries such as Finland, Sweden and Norway score high on the happiness index while most EU countries offer exceptional work-life balance. With four weeks of guaranteed paid leaves each year, access to best-in-class healthcare, education and social benefits, a European passport is easily the most coveted one in the world.

The typical pathways of obtaining a Lithuanian passport are by birth, by naturalization and by restoration. A child born of parents who are Lithuanian citizens acquires citizenship of Lithuania by default even if not born on the territory of Lithuania.

Naturalization is the second pathway to Lithuanian citizenship. This pathway requires you to live and work in Lithuania for ten years, have adequate knowledge of the local language as well as the constitution.

For most foreigners, getting a work visa in Lithuania can be difficult. This will also involve considerable expense, time and effort. Even when a person has the necessary skills and experience, finding an employer to sponsor your work visa is challenging. Most employers will prefer to hire a citizen of Lithuania or a European citizen as the hassles of applying for a work visa are eliminated. While obtaining a work permit can cost between 700 to 1200 euros, receiving citizenship of Lithuania through naturalization can cost up to EUR 2300 in some cases.

Lithuanian passport by ancestry

Are you wondering how to qualify for Lithuanian citizenship if the option of naturalization is not feasible due to the time and expense involved? You can consider obtaining a Lithuanian passport by ancestry. This option is perfect for you if any one of your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents lived in Lithuania before June 1940.

We have record Lithuanian Jews since 1388. Historians, however, believe that Jews lived in this Baltic country much earlier than that. The Holocaust and persecution before that led to many Lithuanian Jews being murdered while the rest fled to other parts of the world. If you have documents that show that one of your ancestors were citizens of Lithuania – such as a work permit, birth certificate or other government-issued identity documents – you can apply for a Lithuanian passport.

The Lithuanian citizenship application has to be made in the Lithuanian language. The documents that you need to enclose with your application have to be translated into Lithuanian. The notarized translation to Lithuanian can also carry additional charges based on each case.

To obtain Lithuanian citizenship, it is typically necessary to give up citizenship of the other country. In many cases, it is possible to obtain Lithuanian citizenship without giving up Israeli citizenship. In this case, you have to prove that one of your ancestors was a citizen of Lithuania before June 1940. Additionally, you also have to show that the ancestor left Lithuanian territory before 1990. The cost for dual citizenship can typically be higher as compared to giving up citizenship of the origin country.

How much does a Lithuanian passport cost?

The consular fee for a national visa was earlier EUR 60, which was doubled recently to 120 euros. Those applying for a Lithuanian visa through a service provider will also have to pay an additional service fee. VF Services is the visa services partner for Lithuania in the U.K. that charges EUR 19 for processing the visa application if the country has Lithuanian visa authority. If there is no visa authority in the country, the fee is EUR 40.

For Lithuanian citizens living in Israel, the consular fee for Lithuania passport issuance or renewal is EUR 100. The cost is EUR 50 for children below 18 years and those at retirement age.

To receive or “restore” Lithuanian citizenship, there are three sources of costs:

  1. If you don’t have documents certifying your eligibility for a Lithuanian passport, the services of a genealogist tracing your ancestry will be necessary, with costs varying depending on the documents required.
  2. The services of an emigration lawyer specializing in Lithuanian citizenship, also varying in cost depending on the circumstances.
  3. Fees for acquiring citizenship paid to the Lithuanian state, amounting up to 3000 Euro (3555 USD or 11,700 ILS)

Cost-effective solutions for obtaining a Lithuanian passport

The immigration experts at our law firm of Decker, Pex, Levi, Rosenberg are well versed in all aspects of applying for a Lithuanian passport. We have the necessary professional tools to provide a notarized translation of your documents into Lithuanian that meets the legal requirements and translation standards.

We have assisted hundreds of Israeli Jews in obtaining Lithuanian citizenship by ancestry. You can rely on our immigration experts to handle the extensive coordination and communication that has to be made with different government authorities in Lithuania for the restoration of Lithuanian citizenship. Our expertise extends to comprehensive assistance for Israeli Jews and Americans in acquiring a European passport. Whether your objective is to obtain citizenship of France, RomaniaBulgariaPortugal or Spain, we are here to assist you.

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