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How Long Does It Take to Get Lithuanian Citizenship?

אירנה רוזנברג
אירנה רוזנברג

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Looking for more information on how long does it take to get Lithuanian citizenship?

Lithuania is a Baltic state and is a member of the European Union. European passports are recognized as the world’s most powerful and coveted passports. There are 153 visa-free countries for a Lithuanian passport holder, not to mention the top-quality education, healthcare, social benefits, and the rights to vote and own property anywhere in Europe.

If you are looking to move to Lithuania to enjoy a great work-life balance or wish to acquire dual citizenship as an Israeli Jew, it is important to get insights into all aspects related to how to qualify for Lithuanian citizenship and the steps involved in making an application for Lithuanian passport.

How Long Does It Take to Get Lithuanian Citizenship

Lithuanian passport strength

Lithuania is a Baltic country that has emerged as an attractive destination for many people looking to live, work and study in Europe. The other two Baltic countries – so named for their proximity to the Baltic Sea – are Estonia and Latvia. Lithuania has shared borders with Poland, Belarus, and Latvia.

Many foreign business investors are also looking to invest in Lithuania. The country offers business advantages for investors; low tax rates, convenient geographical location, developed logistics, highly educated population, and relatively lower labor costs in comparison with the EU average. Reliable infrastructure and political stability are the other factors behind Lithuanian passport strength.How Long Does It Take to Get Lithuanian Citizenship

Lithuania has established two Free Trade Zones where businesses are not required to pay corporate tax for the first six years of their operation in addition to zero real estate tax and tax on dividends. While over 3000 foreign capital companies are operating in Lithuania, the culture, vintage architecture, and historical buildings are the other appealing factors in Lithuania.

All these benefits are in addition to the rich advantages that a European passport offers.

An EU passport allows you to travel to 153 EU countries without a visa and to other countries that have bilateral agreements with the European Union. A growing trend among many Israelis and Americans is to acquire a second European passport while getting dual citizenship.

Each year, thousands of individuals obtain citizenship of one of the EU member countries. A majority of citizenships are typically granted by France, Spain, Austria, and Sweden, while many EU countries allow dual citizenships. Our law office specializes in helping people obtain citizenship of Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Romania as well as Lithuania.

Given the strength of Lithuanian and EU passports, many people are applying for dual citizenship in Lithuania from Israel and the U.S.

In 2015, close to 500,000 Israelis obtained a European Union passport, while one in eight had secured dual citizenship.

How long does it take to process a Lithuanian passport?

The time taken to process your application for a Lithuanian passport depends on the pathway you choose towards citizenship as well as your unique circumstances

Ancestry – One of the main reasons Israelis can acquire Lithuanian passports is their ancestry. Lithuanian passport by ancestry is one of the most common ways for Israeli Jews to receive dual citizenship of Lithuania while retaining their Israeli citizenship. If you have a grandparent or great-grandparent who was a Lithuanian citizen prior to March 1940, you can apply for a Lithuanian passport. You are eligible for dual citizenship if your ancestor left Lithuania before the country gained independence in 1990. The Lithuanian government calls this ‘restoration of Lithuanian citizenship.’

Investment – Many countries  in Europe offer fast-track citizenship programs for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses who invest in the country. Lithuanian citizenship program through investment is for those who contribute to the local economy and provide jobs to Lithuanians by either starting a business from scratch or buying a Lithuanian company.

Naturalization – Lithuanian  citizenship by naturalization may be an option for individuals who live and work in Lithuania for ten years. You will also have to pass tests in Lithuanian language as well as the country’s constitution to become eligible for naturalization.

When you apply for a Lithuanian passport through naturalization or investment, the process can be elaborate, as you are required to pass tests (in case of naturalization) and attend an interview. For start-up visas, the interview and evaluation process can take between 15 to 30 days. If approved, you will have to first apply for a temporary residence permit and start a business in Lithuania within 30 days.

If you apply for a Lithuanian passport through an external agency, it can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks for visa processing.

Apply for Lithuanian passport through our law office

Our immigration experts have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of preparing documents, translating them into Lithuanian, submitting them to the concerned authorities, coordinating with Lithuanian authorities all along the way.

We specialize in helping Israelis and Americans in obtaining Lithuanian citizenship by ancestry by evaluating each case in detail, guiding on preparing the list of documents, and providing notarized translation to Lithuanian. With expert end-to-end help, you can be assured of getting your Lithuanian passport in the quickest possible time.

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