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Holocaust Victims Assets Lawyer


Michael Decker

This article will provide information to help you choose a Holocaust victims assets lawyer.  Many European and American Jews bought property or invested money in the land of Israel from the late 19th to mid-20th century.  These investments increased in the 1930s, but many of the European Jews who made these investments perished in the Holocaust.  Their assets are entitled to go to their descendants, and we detail how to choose a lawyer to assist you with your restitution case.

Holocaust Victims Assets Lawyer

Choosing a Holocaust Victims Assets Lawyer

Israel has one of the highest numbers of lawyers per capita, which can make it challenging to choose a lawyer for your case.  Here are a number of criteria we recommend that you consider when choosing a lawyer.

  1. Area of practice and experience: In Israel, lawyers can practice any field of law that they wish. In order to ensure that you are choosing the best lawyer for your case, find a lawyer who specializes and has experience in the field that you seek.  Thus, for immigration, look for lawyers that have a record of practicing immigration law; for restitution, restitution law, etc. 
  2. Location: While this isn’t always the most important criteria, it can be important for your convenience.  It’s advisable to meet with your lawyer face to face at various points throughout the process, and it’s often easiest if they have offices close to where you live or work. 
  3. Language and communication: Israel is a country of immigrants, and many times, people prefer to deal with legal issues in their mother tongue.  Thus, if you prefer to speak in English, it can be helpful to find a lawyer who is proficient in English.  In our law firm, we offer services in Hebrew, English, Russian, and French.
  4. Time and availability: It’s always important to establish that your lawyer has the time and availability for your case to prevent future frustration.  At the outset, ask how long the case is expected to take and get a written outline of various benchmarks along the way. 
  5. Legal fees: Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you know how much the case is expected to cost.  Legal fees can add up quickly, thus it is important to know at the outset. 

This Series of Articles

We have written various articles on issues related to the restitution of Holocaust victims’ assets in Israel.  This field falls under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of JusticeFor more information, see our articles on how to submit an application, how long the process takes, succession orders, Israeli law on Holocaust victims’ assets, and more. 

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Advocate Michael Decker of Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh specializes in restitution law.  If you are seeking a Holocaust victims assets lawyer, please contact us.

Holocaust Victims Assets Lawyer



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