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A Foreign Legal Opinion in Israel Inheritance Law


Michael Decker

A Foreign Legal Opinion in Israel Inheritance Law

This article addresses the need for a foreign legal opinion in Israel inheritance law and when a foreign legal opinion may be necessary.foreign legal opinion in Israel

This Series of Posts

Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law offices specialize in a few fields, including inheritance law.  This article is one in a series addressing various aspects of Israel inheritance law, based on the Hebrew instructions on the Ministry of Justice website under the Registrar of Inheritance Affairs.  To read more, see our collection of articles on inheritance issues.

When Do I Need a Foreign Legal Opinion in Israel?

Foreign legal opinions may be required when dealing with applications for a succession order or a will probate order.  For example, if the testator registered the will in Israel but the testator’s residence was outside of Israel when the testator passed away, then a foreign legal opinion is necessary to proceed with inheritance issues relating to the testator’s will in Israel.  An expert jurist from the testator’s residence must prepare a foreign legal opinion which must be submitted among other required documents in a variety of cases.

For more information on other issues in inheritance law when a foreign legal opinion may be needed, see our article on applying for a will when the deceased did not live in Israel.  We also address many other issues other than a foreign legal opinion in Israel, which you can find in our list of articles on inheritance law.

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If you have questions about when a foreign legal opinion in Israel is necessary and how to obtain it, please contact us.  We can provide legal advice and assistance on this matter and many other varied aspects of inheritance in Israel.

Advocate Michael Decker specializes in Israeli inheritance law and would be happy to discuss this issue with you.

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