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Academic Worker in Israel – Academic Degree vs Academic Worker in Israel

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Joshua Pex

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Many times foreign or local companies seek to have a foreign expert academic worker in Israel who comes from outside the country with a particular skill set that will enhance the company’s ability to carry out its tasks.  Sometimes these foreign or local companies come to us and inquire about the differences between bringing an expert academic worker to Israel versus an expert worker who does not have an academic degree. This short article explains part of this process.

Foreign Expert Academic Worker in Israel vs Foreign Expert Non-Academic Worker

In general, it is more difficult to obtain an employment permit for a non-academic foreign expert worker to Israel. Other than that, there are several other minor differences between these two types of Israeli foreign expert workers.  There are different papers to fill out depending on whether one seeks the academic worker or other expertise of a foreign expert worker. Academic Worker in Israel

When seeking to bring a foreign expert academic worker to Israel, there is no difference between the compensation that must be offered the expert academic worker versus a non-academic expert worker.  The academic credentials of the expert academic worker will undergo particular scrutiny, since that is what proves their particular ability to meet the company’s need. A non-academic worker will need to provide their training certificates which prove their non-academic but expert credentials.

Paperwork for an Academic Worker in Israel

The paperwork required for a company to bring a foreign expert academic worker to Israel are the following:

-Academic credentials that are translated into Hebrew (together with apostille stamp and notarized by an Israeli notary).
-A CV also listing academic and other work credentials.
-A photocopy of the passport.  The passport must be valid for a minimum of 15 months from the time the individual begins their application to be a foreign expert academic worker in Israel.
-3 passport photos.
-Power of attorney (which we discuss at length in other articles on our website).
-If the expert worker seeks to bring family members, then they must bring a marriage certificate and birth certificates of children under the age of 18.  (We address the issue of common law marriage and dependents in another article on our website.) They need to have an original document with an apostille as well.
-As is common for other long-term visas, the individual needs to provide a police clearance.
-They also need to provide medical clearance.

Other Articles

We have numerous articles on our website about the foreign expert visa application process as well as the phases one must go through.  We address topics like the expedited procedure, B1 visa fee exemptions, updated information about the B1 visa and CPA papers, and more.  The Israeli Ministry of Interior is ultimately responsible for approving foreign expert work visas.  

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If you seek a foreign expert academic worker in Israel to benefit your company, feel free to contact us.  We provide assistance to numerous local and foreign companies seeking to bring foreign experts to the country.

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