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Entry of foreign citizens to Israel during coronavirus – update of guidelines

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Michael Decker

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Our firm deals with immigration and visas for the entry of foreign citizens into Israel, routinely and during the corona crisis. We are closely following the legal developments following the crisis, especially with regard to the possibilities of leaving and Entry to Israel during coronavirus restrictions. Below we present important updates (as of March 2022), regarding the entry of foreign citizens into Israel.

Our law firm in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv specializes in immigration to Israel. The lawyers from our firm have extensive professional experience in handling applications for entry and residence visas in Israel.

Entry of Foreign Citizens as of March 2022 – Subject to Compliance with the Criteria

The corona crisis has led to significant restrictions on entry into Israel, in general, and entry of foreign citizens, in particular. Following the outbreak of the virus around the world, restrictions have been placed on the entry of foreign citizens from abroad. Many foreign citizens were left without a solution, even when they needed to enter for work, urgent medical care, a family visit, and so on.

The recent guidelines published by the Israeli Ministry of Interior allow foreign citizens of all ages to enter into Israel, subject to meeting the requirements set by the Israeli Ministry of health and the Immigration Authority. The new guidelines were published following a previous petition submitted to the High Court of Justice on the subject. Following the petition, quotas that limited the number of Israelis who could enter Israel daily were abolished. The new guidelines expand the possibilities of entering Israel with minimal requirements, on which we will elaborate in detail below.

Entry of foreign citizens to Israel during coronavirus – update of guidelines

Entry of Tourists

As of March 2022, the skies were reopen for foreigners wishing to travel to Israel for touristic purposes. The new guidelines do not require tourists to present a vaccination certificate or a proof of recovery from coronavirus. It is still required, however, to undergo a PCR test and obtaining a negative result, 72 hours or less before the arrival date. In exceptional cases it is possible to request to waive this requirement, by submitting an online form, independently or with the assistance of an Israeli lawyer/representative. Another PCR test is required upon arrival. In addition, tourists are required to fill an entry statement form 48 hours before arriving in Israel. A health insurance policy must also be purchased, with a coverage of treatment for the coronavirus.

The new guidelines stipulate that foreign citizens must undergo another PCR test upon arrival, and stay in quarantine until obtaining a negative test result or for 24 hours (the earlier between the two). The quarantine can take place in a hotel. If the test result would be positive, the foreign citizens will have to stay in quarantine in a designated coronavirus hotel for 14 days at their expense. It is possible to shorten this period by obtaining a negative PCR test result after the fifth day of quarantine. It is important to follow the aforementioned conditions, as they are strictly enforced. Those who will not do so may face sanctions, such as deportation and being banned from entering into Israel for up to 5 years.

Entry of foreign citizens to Israel during coronavirus – update of guidelines

Entry of Foreign Citizens for Other Purposes

It should be emphasized that the entry and stay in Israel is still subject to the Immigration Authority guidelines. As a result, foreign citizens who wish to obtain a visa for additional purposes, such as medical treatment, working in Israel (in fields such as the caretakers field, agriculture, construction or foreign experts) or marriage visa, are still required to arrange an entry visa in advance, in order to prevent being refused from entering or staying. In any issue arises in this regard, you can and should consult a lawyer with an expertise in Immigration Law.

Contact an Immigration Lawyers

In conclusion, the updated guidelines expand the possibilities of foreign citizens entering Israel, despite the corona restrictions. New updates are continuously published on our website. For any question or assistance in submitting an application for entry into Israel, contact us and a lawyer from our firm will be happy to be at your service. Our law firm has extensive experience and expertise in immigration law and in handling applications for foreign citizens to enter Israel.

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