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Entry into Israel during the Coronavirus outbreak

אירנה רוזנברג
אירנה רוזנברג

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Entry of foreign citizens into Israel during the Corona-virus outbreak is allowed for foreign citizens, only in extraordinary circumstances, with prior approval, for those that can prove their center of life is in Israel and can self quarantine according to the legal regulations of the Ministry of Health. We recommend keeping up to date with the recommendations on the Ministry of Health website.

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Israel has taken certain severe measures to protect citizens from possible infection. One of these measures was the decision to ban the entry of foreign citizens into Israel. Even though many countries have resorted to this step, this ban has been sharply criticized by human rights defenders, as it violates the basic human right to travel.

What to do if you have the urgent need to travel to Israel? Is there an option to enter the Holy Land during the pandemic?

In this article, Israeli immigration lawyer, Irena Rosenberg, will explain how to obtain permission for entry into Israel during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The exceptions to the rule – How to enter Israel during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Entry into Israel during the Coronavirus.The travel ban applies to all foreign citizens, but there is one exception for those who can prove: First, that their center of life is Israel and, Second, also can undergo a quarantine upon arrival. If you can prove that you have the capability of remaining quarantined for 14 days after entering Israel, you may obtain permission for entry.

It should be noted that you will need properly document the availability of a quarantine residence. Undergoing quarantine in Israeli hotels and hostels is forbidden. As such, available evidence may include a rental contract or a letter from friends / relatives who agree to quarantine you at their home. But even if you have the necessary supporting documents, permission to enter Israel must be obtained in advance, and not upon arrival in Israel.

Filing a request for entry into Israel during the Coronavirus outbreak.

In order to receive permission, you need to fill out a special form and submit it to the Israeli consulate in your country of residence. Proof of your ability to undergo quarantine in Israel must be attached to the form. After submitting the application, you will receive an electronic notification of your request undergoing consideration.

Your request will be forwarded to the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs. If your application is accepted, your data will be entered into the passport control information system. Once you receive notification that you request has been accepted, you will be able to freely enter Israel.

Print out that consulate’s answer and have it with you when boarding the plane. Due to the recently introduced restrictions, you may not be able to board without this document.

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We continue to promptly inform our readers on all changes in the immigration policy of Israel related to the COVID-19 outbreak on our website.

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