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Who Is Entitled to Arnona Discounts


Michael Decker

This article briefly addresses who is entitled to arnona discounts in Israel.  For those who do not know what arnona is, it is a property/municipal tax.

arnona discounts

Arnona Discounts

Arnona payments are issued by the local authority or municipality in which a property is located.  Municipalities also issue discounts based on Ministry of Interior rules and regulations. The amount of the discount can vary based on the local authority’s rates.  The following categories are all entitled to some sort of arnona discount: senior citizens under certain conditions, disabled people (including having a disabled child), blind people, single parent families, new immigrants, IDF soldiers during their mandatory military service, national service volunteers, and students, among others.  Additionally arnona discounts are applicable for a religious institution, an educational institution, or a charity. There are also arnona discounts for new buildings and empty buildings.

Applying for an Arnona Discount

In order to apply for an arnona discount, the arnona account must be listed in the name of the person requesting the discount.  As we have discussed in other articles, the person responsible for the payment is the one who “holds the asset,” meaning it is not necessarily the property owner but the one who is using the property.  If you are renting a property, make sure to attach the rental agreement when applying for the discount. The discount can be applied for at the municipal office in which your property is located.

This Series of Articles

Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law offices specialize in arnona law, and we are conveniently located in both Jerusalem and near Tel Aviv.  A few of our legal partners have practiced in this area of law for many years, assisting numerous private and corporate clients with arnona-related issues.  Arnona issues and arnona discounts fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior (Misrad HaPanim) and the municipality in which a property stands.  As a resource to our clients and the public, we have created an arnona article series, addressing topics such as what is arnona, who has to pay it, what about subletters, when arnona must be paid, how to get an arnona exemption, and applying for arnona discounts.

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If you have questions about arnona discounts, see our series of articles or feel free to contact us.  

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arnona discounts

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