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E2 Visa to Israel


Joshua Pex

This article about the “E2 Visa to Israel” will address an issue that many of our American clients have raised. Due to Israel and the United States’ mutual visa agreement, Israelis are permitted to obtain an investment visa to the US, the “E2” visa. The mutual agreement allows Americans to obtain an investment visa to Israel, which many mistakenly call an E2 visa to Israel. However, US citizens who wish to invest and work in Israel must actually apply for a B5 investor visa

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer to assist with a B5 visa, see our list of tips to consider when choosing a lawyer in Israel

Background on the E2 Visa to Israel (ie, the B5 Visa)

The B5 investor visa to Israel was first proposed in 2012 and was finally implemented in 2019. This visa allows US citizens to receive legal status in Israel to live and work here for an extended period of time even if they are not eligible for immigration to Israel (aliyah) according to Israel’s 1950 Law of Return. Additionally, the US investor is permitted to bring along their partner and dependent children who can also live and work in Israel. 

About the Investment

Many of our clients ask us how much they need to invest to obtain a B5 investor visa to Israel. While the exact amount is not specified, it must be substantial, generally over $100,000. This money must be invested into a new or existing Israeli business. Additionally, the investor must own at least fifty percent of the business. Furthermore, the business must be for profit and demonstrate that it will grow substantially and also hire Israeli workers, making a contribution to the Israeli labor market and economy. 

Duration of the Investment Visa

The B5 investment visa is valid for two years. After this point, it can be renewed annually, generally for up to five years. At the same time, we have seen many clients successfully renew their B5 visa beyond this five year point.

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E2 visa to Israel

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