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Company Registration in Delaware, USA (Legal Information)

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I have been receiving services from this Law Firm for several years now and I want to say THANK YOU to the team, especially Joshua Pex. They are doing outstanding work. The services I have received for both our Israeli non profit association but also our social business have helped us solve many issues at hand and provided solutions in complicated situations. Personally, I am grateful for support in visa issues as a foreigner living now in Israel for many years.

Why has Delaware become a hotspot for so many companies from the United States and outside of it? The main reason is a governmental policy which facilitates and encourages business activities, and benefits business owners. In this article, a corporate law attorney from our firm, who is experienced in handling company registration in the United States, will explain the benefits of registering and establishing a company in Delaware, and how you can register your own company in this state.

The lawyers at our law offices, located at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, specialize in corporate law and US law. Our firm provides comprehensive solutions for Israeli and international businessmen interested in establishing companies in the United States. We provide legal assistance and accompaniment, based on over 30 years of experience in the field, throughout the process of registering a company in Delaware. In addition, our firm regularly advises American companies and their office holders on a variety of legal issues and matters.

Why establish a US company specifically in Delaware?

Everyone seems to understand that there are many benefits to starting a company in the United States, for the purpose of conducting business activities in one of the world’s biggest economic powerhouses. However, despite the fact that the US is an enormous country with over 50 states, we observe the intriguing phenomenon of many companies choosing to incorporate in the small state of Delaware. We’re talking about over 50% of the public companies that are traded on the American stock exchange, and over 65% of the leading companies in the United States.

The main reason for choosing to incorporate in Delaware is that it is considered a particularly business-friendly state. Delaware’s corporate law and it’s convenient taxation policy makes it one of the world’s biggest and most central incorporation centers in the whole world. In Delaware there is no tax on the income of corporations that are primarily active outside the United States. This is a major factor that has led companies from all around the world to choose to set up branches or even headquarters in Delaware.Company Registration in Delaware

What Is the Procedure of Company Registration in Delaware?

The procedure of registering a company in Delaware is not very bureaucratically complex. It is required, among other things, to fill out registration documents, choose a name for the company, and also choose the form of incorporation. It is important to check with the Division of Corporations regarding your company’s name. You want to make sure in advance that the name you picked isn’t already taken or misleading due to similarity to another existing company’s name. This is not a simple task, as there are more than a million registered corporations in Delaware (more than the number of residents!).

In addition, the new Delaware act mandates the selection of a corporate suffix such as Ltd, Limited, Incorporated, etc. Incorporation in Delaware requires the registration of an agent, which can be the business itself or a third party. The state of Delaware offers a long list of potential agents you can contact and conduct an agreement regarding the registration. The agent will be the address for receiving legal and official documents, during business hours.

 Legal Assistance for Registering a Company in Delaware

Registering a company in Delaware may be the right move for your business. However, it is important for this move to be based on knowledge and familiarity with the local law. This is also recommended by the Delaware authorities themselves. In addition, registering a company in Delaware raises issues of international taxation. For Israeli companies, this means complying with the requirements of the law in Delaware, in Israel and at the level of the federal tax authorities.

Contact Our Experts in American Law and in Founding Companies in Delaware, USA

In this article we have briefly elaborated on the process of registering a company in Delaware. If you are considering starting a business in Delaware or are interested in further information, you can contact us and an attorney specializing in American law and corporate law will be happy to assist you. Our law offices located at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv has proven experience in the field of immigration to the United States and establishing companies and businesses in Delaware and in a wide variety of destinations. You can contact us via the phone numbers or email address listed below.

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